6 Easy to Take Care of Plants for Busy Millennials

If you struggle to find the time to pick up a glass of water and hydrate yourself, what’re the chances that you’ll remember to water your plants, too? As a busy young adult, you probably know all too well the feeling of handling multiple tasks throughout the day. But just because you’ve got a lot on your plate doesn’t mean you can’t be a caretaker.

Plants can add a sense of harmony and beauty to your room, purifying your air while providing you with an aesthetic appeal. But as a busy millennial, the thought of adding plants to your list of ever-growing obligations may not seem ideal.

The truth is every plant needs a little bit of TLC. But fortunately, some are independent enough to thrive with little to no human interference. Here’s a look at 6 houseplants that’ll add a touch of beauty to your home even when they rank lower on your priority list, too.

1. Golden Pothos

Do you want to add a touch of beautiful, heart-shaped golden leaves to your home while enjoying the perks that come with housing a low-maintenance plant? If so, you may want to consider adding a golden pothos to your home.

The golden pothos is notorious for bringing people years of beauty while also powering through occasional periods of neglect, too. If you live in a cooler climate, this trusted plant may be the ideal choice for you. Because the golden pothos thrives in low light and cooler temperatures, be sure to place your pots in an area where the plant can flourish best.

It also doesn’t hurt that the golden pothos is commonly referred to as “the money plant,” and is thought to bring a sense of good luck and financial prosperity to the area where it thrives, too.

2. Spider Plant

Don’t exactly have a green thumb? No worries — a spider plant is forgiving when it comes to your level of dedication and care.

There’s a reason the spider plant is one of the most popular houseplants, after all. Well-suited for pots of any shape or size, place your planted spider plants in a climate with light shade that remains a cool room temperature — between 50 to 80-degrees.

This plant will also let you know when it needs more water because its leave will start to turn a yellowish tint. But even if you forget to hydrate your spider plant every now and again, it’ll continue to thrive and show you that you can count on it to take care of itself, too.

3. Peace Lily

Who doesn’t want a plant that has the word peace in its name? Not only are peace lilies beautiful and eye-catching, but they’re also relatively easy to care for, too

Whether in your office or home, a peace lily can help brighten up your space while asking for little in return. The secret to helping this plant thrive is not drowning it in quite too much sun.

One of the best tips for successfully growing plants indoors is to remember that not every plant requires the same amount of sun. Although cacti may thrive in direct sun, a peace lily is more likely to blossom in a cool area where the sun isn’t quite as intense. Place this plant in a room with dappled sunlight to reap the most benefits.

4. Succulents

Have been eyeing those gorgeous succulent terrariums on Pinterest, wishing that you had the time to foster such eye-catching plant arrangements, too? Fortunately, you can! Growing a pot full of your favorite succulents is much easier than you’d think.

While you need to water most plants daily to help them survive, succulents retain the water in their leaves for more significant periods of time. If your house is generally at a comfortable room temperature, you have just the right conditions required to keep your succulents adorable and healthy — just as they should be. Simply give them a tablespoon of water once a week to help them grow.

5. Aloe

What if you could purchase a plant that not only provides you with all of the perks commonly associated with low-maintenance fauna, but that also acts as a form of medicine, too? When you purchase an aloe plant, you can call it a win-win.

When placed in the right climate, aloe plants will also thrive with relatively little to no care. If you live in an area that generally experiences bouts of heat and warmness, then an aloe plant may be your perfect fit.

Since aloe plants thrive in well-drained soil, they’ll fair off well with only mild watering. Simply place your pots near a well-lit window and let the aloe’s natural robust nature take care of the rest.

6. Cacti

If you live in a very dry, humid or intensely-hot region of the world and have a tendency to overlook your necessary chores, then cacti may be the best fit for you.

While cacti are often known for their prickly exterior, they also are notorious for withstanding tough and extreme conditions. If you want a plant but don’t want to worry about adding plant duties to your busy schedule, buy a cactus. These plants can live practically anywhere while remaining hardy and nourished without requiring too much of your attention, too.

Remember that no plant will thrive without the proper conditions, so be sure to conduct a bit of research on your fauna of choice before you decide to bring some new greenery into your environment.

There’s a plant for everyone, which means you’re bound to find the perfect greenery to fit your lifestyle, too. So scratch watering or caring for plants off of your to-do list — because these trusted plants give you more time to spend on yourself and take care of the rest for you.

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