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8 Personal Growth YouTubers For Living Your Best Life Inspiration

While YouTube might not be your go-to source for inspiration (yet), watching these inspiring YouTubers are a surefire way to get excited about goal-setting.

I’ve been watching YouTube videos for so many years now and I can still remember following people like JuicyStar07 for makeup and room decor tips. While the YouTuber names and the quality of the videos have matured, you can still find me every once and awhile binge-watching some YouTube. These days, the topic of choice is unsurprising: Personal Growth. I love watching practical videos on ways to improve my life, while seeing how these women are taking action in their own lives.

From goal-setting and planning routines to the changes they make to live more purposefully, I love these eight YouTubers for the refreshing content they bring to the YouTube space. After watching their videos, I’m motivated to get off the couch and actually do something productive. I leave feeling inspired, with new takeaways and ideas.

So, here are my top picks for motivational YouTube accounts if you want to feel inspired to live your best life.

Muchelle B

Michelle Barnes is the Australian QUEEN of personal development on YouTube. She talks about simplifying your life, getting intentional and provides practical tips for sticking to your goals. Her videos are dreamy, but more importantly she gets really specific, and provides a lot of detail on how to live your best life. I feel like I should be taking notes when I watch her, because she has such a great way of providing really valuable information within each of her videos, while also being a complete joy to watch. 


Aileen Xu was one of the first personal growth YouTubers I’ve followed. I love everything about her videos and her dreamy aesthetic. She does videos on habits, journaling, self-worth, routines and so much more. Her business hasn’t stopped at YouTube, she now has a course, podcast and a shop with planners, journals and an Artist of Life workbook.

Erin May Henry

When building a business meets personal growth, that’s Erin May Henry for you. I love the way the Australian YouTuber has built her brand with a combination of entrepreneurship, self-help and spirituality. She walks you through the details of creating a balanced business. From the hardships of waking up at 5am to the specific practices she’s found work to get more done, she hits on all the self-sabotaging practices we do to get in our own way.

Amy Landino

Sometimes we can use some advice from someone who gets straight to the point, and that’s why I love Amy Landino. Amy lives in Ohio and she’s the kind of girl boss who gets a lot done without excuses, and prioritizes doing the work. She has dozens of videos on morning routines and has a book coming out all about them. I love listening to Amy on her podcast as well, called Detail Therapy, where she asks successful people how they do what they do – and gets all the juicy deets.


When you’re apartment needs a deep clean, just watch videos from Rachel Lee Anderson. Rachel’s main lifestyle videos feature tips on organization, motivation and routines. Watching her organize her life always makes me feel inspired to have a productive day cleaning out my closet or redecorating a space in my home.

Rowena Tsai

If we were giving awards here *which we’re not*, I’d give Rowena Tsai the most unique award. She has a refreshing style that I haven’t seen duplicated. I love her poetic storytelling approach that she uses to share her tips and lifestyle with us. She shares so authentically, and feels like you’re seeing vlogs from a friend who encourages you to do your best while being beautifully human. 

Kalyn Nicholson

You might’ve seen us talk about GYST (Get Your Shit Together) days before, and Kalyn is the creator and queen of GYSTing. GYSTing is basically a Sunday routine of getting things done. Kalyn Nicholson does the best vlog style videos that make cleaning, meal prepping and tackling your to-do list look like the best time ever. I don’t know how she makes everything look so good and satisfying, but she does. And now I practice GYST days regularly because of it.

Carrie Rad

Leave the self-care and habit tips to Carrie Rad, because she has you totally covered. Carrie’s energy is so kind and sweet. Whenever you’re having a low day, Carrie can lift you up and make you feel encouraged just with the sound of her voice. 

Do you have anyone to add to this list? Who encourages you to be your best self on YouTube?

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