4 Outdoor Activities That Can Improve Your Mental Health

Let us be honest. We are living in such age when huge amounts of stress and daily pressure are simply unavoidable. Creation of an ideal society in which no one is suffering these modern problems is still quite far away, and that is why we must do our best to get rid of those as soon as possible. The distance of modern man from nature is becoming overwhelming, and that is devastating because the solution to our problems is to be found nowhere else but in nature. Many studies confirmed that staying outdoors can relieve stress, improve mood, boost vitality and have a long-term impact on our mental health.

Here is how you can get the most of these benefits.


The easiest and most affordable outdoor activity is taking a route through the forest or any other place available. Simply pack your bag, put on some hiking shoes, and you are good to go. If someone in your surrounding has the affinity toward this sport, even better. Ask him/her to join along. Although physical benefits, such as getting in shape, are present, the relaxation and stress relief are far more important. According to scientists, a green color will help you to think in a more calm way, as well as give you much-needed balance, because it is located in the middle of color spectrum.


One of the biggest advantages of this activity is that you can do it anywhere and anytime. Whether you will take your whole family to a Sunday afternoon ride, or you will choose a bicycle as your ride to work and save money on gas, is up to you. Besides saving money, cycling also helps with saving the environment. In case that you wish to take longer and more demanding routes, it would be best to get in shape first, a matter in which electric bikes can prove to be very useful. Feeling the wind in your hair and breathing in the fresh air while cycling through your natural surrounding will not only get you in shape but will help you unwind and feel more relaxed.

Yoga Festivals

Have you ever met someone who practices yoga? If you have, you must have noticed how calm and relaxed that person seems. This is because yoga utilizes the perfect balance between exercising and meditation. These two are intertwined and perplexed, so you are not just exercising. Festivals are great happenings to attend to, because you can meet new people with similar interests. They are also a chance to pick up some beginners tips and tricks in case that you have just started with this activity. These are usually held in open space, so that is an additional plus.

Mountain Climbing

Although this activity can be a bit extreme, you can always start with the basics. Take a safer route, and if you have no experience in this sport, it would be best to join the local club or ask help from an experienced climber. Either way, this activity is for several people in most of the cases, so teamwork is essential. Relying on someone and staying focused will help you be mentally strong and well-balanced. The alternative to this sport is wall-climbing, in the case that you are not living in the mountains. 

“Stationary body means stationary thoughts” is a single sentence which says it all. In order to move from that bad place in your thoughts, you have to stand up and get going. Sitting with your friends in a café will not make you happy in the long-term as some outdoor activities, so ask them to join you and you can all enjoy the perks of spending time in nature.


Do you participate in any outdoor activities? What do you want to try but haven’t yet? 

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