How To Create A Millionaire Self-Care Routine

In a society where our conditioning has us believing that the only way to scale our businesses is to hustle harder, taking care of ourselves while we climb may seem counter-intuitive.

The grind will take us a long way, but it inevitably causes burnout, damages relationships, and keeps us from the precious moments we’ve been working so hard to enjoy. 

Developing a millionaire self-care routine now will help you increase your revenue and keep you anchored in what matters most. 

Grow your business, make money, AND take great care of yourself with these unconventional steps!

Step 1: Plan to 80% of your capacity 

There is nothing worse than nailing your project management schedule and be on the cusp of successfully launching your passion project only to have the universe toss in a couple of unexpected curveballs. 

When you plan to 80% of your capacity, you leave 20% in the reservoir, ensuring that when the inevitable crisis, illness, or unanticipated issue presents itself, you have enough bandwidth to handle it without feeling frantic and frazzled. 

This approach allows you to have the energetic availability to manage unexpected stressors and still cross the finish line feeling confident and grounded.

Step 2: Protect your energy

As a woman of influence, learning how to manage your energy and that of those around you is critical to ensuring your needs are met, and things flow with ease. 

To do this, you must create time and space for introspection so you can identify, evaluate, and communicate your needs in a way that feels good. 

Minimizing frustrations, irritants, overwhelm and eliminate avoidable stressors will help ensure you stay focused and in the zone. 

Make sure that you always have your basic needs met and the extras that allow you to show up feeling like a million bucks. 

Step 3: Know what you require

It’s ok to have high standards and specific requirements. Knowing what they are will help you plan accordingly and ensure that you not only feel good about what you are putting out into the world but that you also feel good doing it. 

Maybe you need 5 a.m. training sessions at the gym, a massage therapist that is willing to work you in at the last minute, 10 hours of sleep during launches, or a schedule that ensures you make that yin yoga class EVERY Sunday night. 

Simple things can be set up and planned for in advance that ensure our needs are met and that we have the things that we require to feel happy, healthy, and whole. 

Step 4: Take Time to Set & Hold Boundaries 

Introspection helps us know what we require. Once we understand why those requirements matter and how they support us in taking great care of ourselves, we have an easier time setting boundaries.

Boundaries are hard enough to identify, much less communicate. When we’ve gone through the work of being so bold to ask for what we need and manage the guilt that comes up when we put it in place. 

People will inevitably test your limits with requests and actions that ask, “are you sure this is where you draw the line?” You do not need to justify or explain why your boundaries are essential. Don’t forget to be gracious with yourself if you let a boundary slip. It is an art form that takes practice!

Step 5: Create support in your business 

I guarantee you that there are loads of responsibilities and tasks that you could do, but continuing to do them will keep you from harnessing your creative energy to make magic in the world. 

Hire team members, consultants, and support staff that not only feel like a dream to work with but get the things you hand off to them done in half the time. Make sure to find people who can handle you at both your best and your worst!

Your home life should also support the energy management and conservation required to play at the top of your game. 

Your friends and family may not be able to give you adequate mental and emotional support, so don’t hesitate to find and hire a highly qualified coach, mentor, or therapist. 

Step 6: Honor Your Priorities 

Meeting your basic needs is a priority. 

Your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing is a priority. 

Having quality time and being present with your loved ones is a priority.

Feeling how you want to feel as you kick ass in your business is a priority. 

Do whatever it takes to honor your priorities and let them guide how you spend your energy and time.

Step 7: Admit what isn’t working 

We can either be hyperfocused and frustrated about what isn’t working in our lives OR completely in denial because facing it feels like too much to handle.

Being honest about what we require and what it will take to have our needs met can bring up a lot of fear. We worry that relationships will end, income streams will fail, or our reputation will be ruined. 

Once you’re aware of what’s not working, you can start chipping away at creating the change required to get you to the deep self-care you deserve.

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