Meet the Fam

Coley Lane

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Coley is the Editor-in-Chief of Life Goals Mag. She lives in Long Beach and works in digital media for a non-profit. She is obsessed with corgis and iced coffee, no matter the season. She hopes to inspire millennials to work towards being the best version of who they already are.

Amanda Swanson

Minnesota grown, but her heart constantly wanders to places she's never been to. She's a positive vibes enthusiast and health & wellness advocate always in search of her next big adventure. Doing project management by day, and tackling fitness, blogging and goal digging (or daydreaming) by night. Spirituality and the cosmos are another ongoing passion project she has and continuously learns and grows from! She has two Bengal cats to keep her busy, but when she can she likes to get outdoors, get to happy hour, and spend time with friends and family.

Brittany Muldoon

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Brittany now lives in Prague, Czech Republic, where she works as a freelance photographer, writer, and video editor. She has a passion for Skyline Chili, live music, and travel. She’s recently developed an interest in spirituality and psychology and is excited to exchange ideas and share what she’s learning with others who are on their own self-development journeys.

Brittany Wright

Brittany lives in Charleston, SC where she is a freelance writer and works in digital media. In her free time she enjoys going to the beach, taking naps and eating cheeseballs. Her dream is to meet people of every culture and use her writing to educate herself and others on each culture to bring people together.

Jasmine Hunter Zust

Jasmine Hunter Zust is a full-time digital marketing specialist and a part-time career and lifestyle advice blogger based in Memphis, Tennessee. She loves books, yoga, animals, and movies. Her aim is to inspire other millennials to live their best life possible.

Kaitlin Dunning

Kaitlin Dunning is a marketing consultant, entrepreneur, and digital illustrator. She currently resides in Washington, D.C. and has had the pleasure of calling Tampa, London, and NYC home. She is passionate about people (including the four-legged furry variety) and digital design, firmly believing that when you combine art and technology, you can truly create magic.

Kate Harveston

Kate Harveston is a recent college graduate pursuing a career as an online journalist. If you like her writing, you can find more of it here at Life Goals Mag. You can also visit her blog, So Well, So Woman to read more of her work and receive a free subscriber gift!'

Kate King

Kate King is a freelance writer, editor, and blogger. Her blog (A Lighter Earth) focuses on mindfulness, zero waste living, and sustainability.

Laura Jean

Laura Jean is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who focuses on the 'whys' of eating and how we can connect to our body to guide our interaction with food. She is passionate about helping women develop a healthier relationship with food and move towards more mindful connected eating. Laura works and lives by the motto: eat everything you enjoy and enjoy everything you eat. Find out more at

Lindsay Schroeder

Lindsay Schroeder is a spiritual wellness & mindset coach, Reiki Master, energy healer, intuitive healer, and Divine Feminine practitioner. Her work focuses on developing your intuition, connecting women with their Divine Feminine - that soft, juicy feminine aspect of self - and up leveling your life. Her brand, Our & Are, provides coaching programs that blend a myriad of modalities, including EFT, NLP, coaching, consulting, guided meditations, rituals creation, mindset shifting, working with limiting beliefs, realigning the operating system, crystal work, healing circles, lunar practice, and much more.

Marah Elizabeth

Marah Elizabeth is a business educator by day and a lifestyle blogger by night. She recently moved back to Denver after spending 4.5 years in NYC and is constantly on the lookout for New York-style pizza. Her blog, Making it Millennial highlights everyday tips for personal development and creating an ideal life for yourself. When she’s not working or blogging, you can find her playing fetch with her sato from Puerto Rico, watercolor painting, or thrift shopping.

Mariaelisa Lichoa

Mariaelisa is a writer from South Florida with a passion for personal wellness and self-care, travel, and studying the human mind. She's a spunky 21-year-old who is well beyond her years - yet confidently embracing the "figuring out" stage of being young and self-employed. When not writing or doing yoga, Mariaelisa is usually at the beach or curled up with a good book and a cup of coffee.

Monika Pietrowski

Monika is a digital nomad with a passion for business and wellness. Originally from Melbourne, Australia she loves chasing the summer finding new ways to nurture the body and mind. She is the cofounder of a content marketing agency, an avid yogi and the voice behind mymonpie. She believes morning routines are crucial and hers is pretty solid.

Rachel Gitlevich

Rachel Gitlevich is a Career and Mindset Coach for current and emerging women leaders that desire to create an impact in the work they do in the world. She is an intuitive healer that helps women cultivate confidence, self-love and live a magical life. Outside of working you could typically find Rachel at a concert or some form of live music event.'

Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith is Australian based fashion, beauty and style blogger. She is also very passionate about organic beauty products and well-being. Sophia writes in mostly beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at High Style Life on topics related to beauty, fashion and lifestyle.'

Tess Brigham

Therapist and Life Coach

Tess Brigham is a therapist and coach who specializes in working with twenty-somethings, especially those that are struggling with the dreaded “quarter-life crisis.” When she is not working, she is usually trying to catch up with her 8-year-old son Max and her (almost) 11-year-old pug Rocco.'

Tracey Dawn

Tracey Dawn is an Intuitive Counselor and writer with a passion for helping others find their inner happiness. She provides intuitive readings, online courses and meditations to inspire others to become the source of their own happiness. Visit her website at to access a free guided meditation.