Confessions From An Information Junkie

My name is Coley and I am an information junkie.

“Hi, Coley.” (Okay, I’m just imagining that you’re saying that. You are, right?)

The Internet is an amazing place, folks. There is so much information available to learn. Infopreneurs are everywhere, sharing secrets to their success. There are endless workshops, blog posts, YouTube videos, Periscopes, e-courses, coaching programs, worksheets, and e-books (deep breath) available to us with crazy valuable information. We’re so lucky to live in a time where we have access to all this information with just a few clicks.

So what’s the problem then?

Two words: Information Overload.

There’s SO much information and some of us (me) take it a little too far. We keep consuming the glorious amounts of information about business, social media, productivity, happiness, health, fitness, or whatever it may be. And it’s all with good intention. We want to learn more so that we can be better and more successful. But, I will be honest with you all, I don’t implement 99% of it. I learn seriously valuable tips that I know could change my life if I put them to use. But then I get distracted by the prospect of learning even more.

Distraction is one component, but the worst part and the most detrimental is the all-consuming feeling of overwhelm. There’s just too many components to success and so many different methods. I have to do x, y, z but then l, m, n, o, and p too because Jack swears by that method. But what if that isn’t the best way? And how would I ever have the time to do all that? I’ll keep researching around and get started later.

Sound familiar? This is me, constantly. The more information I see, the more overwhelmed I get.

But we have to ask ourselves this: what good is it to gain knowledge if you don’t do anything with it?

So how can we combat this? How can we start taking action?

I am deciding to make a pact with myself starting today to start exercising some discipline. I’m going to choose from all the tips and tricks and start with only a few of them. I’ll build an actionable plan for myself to get started on building my new findings into my routine. Then, I’m going to stop consuming so much information and truly focus on what I have already learned.

Here are a few rules that I have set for myself

  1. Only consume information intentionally – when I have a specific question or problem.
  2. Focus on how to implement my findings and focus on one or two for 30 days
  3. If the temptation gets too real, delete infopreneurs from social media

It’s so much more important to take action than to learn how to take action. (Tweet this!)


Fellow information junkies, let’s keep each other accountable for actively working on our goals. I’d love for you to leave me a comment below if you relate, so we can chat more! What advice do you have for information junkies?

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