17 Ideas For Doing A Life Reset Over The Weekend

Sometimes you’re ready for a major life overhaul. Maybe life has been getting a little stagnant (lockdown can definitely do that to you) or you’re in a new phase of life and you’re wanting to make changes as you adjust to your lifestyle.

Based on conversations I’ve had with you, it feels like a lot of us are either starting new jobs, quitting jobs to take your side hustle full time, or maybe you’re like me and you’re moving!

I’m currently packing my bags to move to Portland, Oregon. And in doing so, I’ve decided to share about my journey on our Instagram page and kick off a 6 month challenge for bettering our lives.

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Here are some ideas for planning a life reset over the weekend.

1. Organize your phone with folders for affirmations

Every time you look at them, you’ll see the affirmations you set that perfectly align with the category. You can also change your back account and passwords to include positive affirmations or goals you have.

photo: @girlsthatinvest

2. Change up your style

Use Pinterest for inspiration to change up your style a little bit. Or go get yourself a new haircut, or add a fun color to your hair. Experiment with some fun new looks that add a little spice to your life.

3. Organize your fridge or pantry

Get yourself some new glassware to store your food and organize your fridge. Look up tips for keeping your produce fresh for longer, and after every time you grocery shop, make it a habit to chop & cut things as soon as they come into your home.

4. Clean and rearrange your furniture

Shake up your feng shui in your home. You don’t need to buy a bunch of stuff to make your home feel different; you can simply do a deep clean and move a few things around to feel like you have a new vibe at your place.

5. Redecorate a small space

If you don’t want to rearrange your furniture, you could also choose to redecorate a small space. Maybe you could make a meditation nook or decorate your patio. Find one space in your home that you want to make better use of and make it a cozy little spot for you to hang out in.

6. Change your tech backgrounds

I love freshening up my tech (phone, computer) every month with new wallpaper backgrounds. It’s like a little mini reset every month. If you want an activity you can do in just a couple of minutes, do this one now! The Everygirl always has great tech backgrounds.

7. Plan healthy meals for the week

We’re all about the meal planning, whether it’s fully prepping your meals ahead or just planning your meals intentionally. Get some meal inspiration. Maybe get an air fryer or something and test some new fun recipes out. It’s always so much better to plan your meals ahead, so you feel ready to go at the beginning of the week.

life reset on the weekend with meal planning smoothies

8. Use a new platform to organize your life

We are super partial to ClickUp but it’s a super fun platform for organizing your life. You can customize everything – which makes it a super great way to feel like you’re resetting and getting your life together.

We have a course on ClickUp with trainings and over a dozen templates that you can swipe if you’re interested in getting your life together on the platform – including weekly planning, budgeting, podcasting, etc.


9. Get your email inbox to zero

Get your email organized and put everything into folders, so you aren’t constantly opening your email and feeling anxiety (just me?) I use labels like “asap reply” for the urgent messages to respond to before the end of the day, “receipts” to store all my business receipts, and about 10 more folders to keep things sorted. 10/10 recommend finding a system that works for you, and unsubscribing to anything unnecessary.

10. Organize your desktop and bookmarks

How are your desktop folders looking? Do you have everything organized over there, so it’s easy to find? You can even use a concept like GSD to organize your background, and use a wallpaper like this. I find tasks like this to be good to do when you’re a little bored on the weekend, but wanna feel like you’re doing something productive while Netflix is on in the background.

11. Buy (or borrow) some new books

Get yourself a library card, or buy a few new books from your local bookstore. Having a few new books to read for the season gives you something to look forward to. Maybe you can try a genre you haven’t read in awhile, or make yourslef a fun reading goal that gets you inspired to read more books. (link to reading more blog)

12. Challenge yourself with a new 30 day habit

Try a Whole 30 or going sober for 30 days. It can be such a good reset practice to do something that pushes you outside your comfort zone and gets you into some healthier habits. Thirty days is enough time to challenge you, while still being short enough that you can stick with it. Building your integrity muscle is so important in the process of bettering yourself.

13. Build a new morning routine

Morning routines are such a lovely way to start your day off before diving into work. It makes it so you prioritize yourself and your needs first before you get to the world’s demands from you. Create a morning routine that has you feeling grateful, refreshed and inspired before your work day. Whether that includes visualization, prayer, working out, or simply reading a good book, you get to define what that looks like for you.

14. Ditch your phone

We’re so obsessed with our phones these days, and sometimes the best reset we can do is to go off-grid for a couple of days. If that’s not an option for you, try setting app time limits or add a phone-free hour to your morning routine, so you can have intentional time away from your screen.

15. Change up a routine that isn’t working

Speaking of routines, you might have some that aren’t serving you. Reflect on what habits and routines aren’t working for you and make some adjustments. I love having routines, but I also know that I need to break off from them every once in a while to make sure I’m living a life that doesn’t feel repetitive. If you normally drink coffee at home every morning, go to a coffee shop.

Play a new sport. Go to a funky restaurant. Drive to a nearby city. Just do something out of the norm and you’ll be surprised at how much more inspired you feel, if you’ve been feeling stagnant.

16. Take yourself on a date

Get dressed up without a reason. Go take yourself out to dinner, buy yourself some flowers, and make an extra special evening for yourself. You don’t need someone to ask you out. And if you’re in a relationship, there’s even more reason to go on a solo date. You’re the one who spends every moment with you, so don’t forget to be your own bestie and make time for yourself.

17. Unsubscribe and unfollow

Do an unfollow spree across your social media to eliminate anything that hasn’t been filling you with joy and inspiration. Maybe you need to “mute” some of your friends and family who is leaving you feeling bad vibes. There’s nothing wrong with putting pause on seeing certain content.

Who you subscribe to and who you follow can have an impact on your mental health, and it’s important to remind yourself that you do have the option to unfollow the things that you’re not feeling good about right now. You can always follow them again later on.

Are you going to try any of these for a weekend life reset?


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