How To Embrace The Chaos Of Mercury In Retrograde

Surviving three weeks when life is moving backwards… three different times a year!

Me: mercury retrograde is so fake, the planets don’t control my life.
My life during mercury retrograde: HA HA, wanna bet?

Whether we can admit it or not, I think that most of us can appreciate the one who warns us when something is about to go haywire in our lives, or present a challenge for us to overcome. When everything is tough, traffic is extra terrible, my data is crashing on all my devices, and my plane is delayed, I like to be prepared with knowledge of what is going on with the energy around me so that I am better emotionally equipped to handle it. Don’t you agree?

If you work in an office setting you likely have that office ‘astrology-guru’; you know, the one who solicits everyone they know with information about their zodiac sign, why things are happening they way they are from the position of the stars, and when Mercury is about to go Retrograde. Others of us probably have that one friend, or crazy great aunt, that everyone thinks is bat sh*t crazy, but yet everyone still listens to, because let’s face it–sometimes they make a little too much sense.

“Can’t tell if Mercury is in Retrograde, or if I just don’t have my sh*t together.”

In the world of astrology, Mercury in Retrograde (Mercury Rx) is the most well known phenomenon. It’s the time everybody fears, the “Monday” of the planets, and the next biggest trend to focus on. Out of all of the planets in our solar system, Mercury is the one that always seems to get the bad rap. Everyone loves to hate on and blame Mercury for everything. Because that’s just easier than reflecting on what is really going on, right? WRONG!

As the positive vibes enthusiasts we all want to be deep down inside, we have to learn how to channel those Mercury vibes on an individual level. Understanding what Mercury in Rx actually means allows us to harness the energy for good use, and then we no longer have to fear nine weeks of our life each year. (Yes, on average, Mercury is Rx 9 weeks per year. Yikes.) I like to consider it a cosmic weather forecast for a specific ‘season’, like a weather guide for the vibes we are going to be experiencing. My favorite astrologers have always said, it’s better to be forewarned for what’s to come, and I couldn’t agree more!

Everything’s backwards?  

Okay, let’s get right to it. Mercury isn’t really moving backwards as the title suggests, but instead it’s an optical illusion to us all. This is due to our position on Earth in relation to the sun, as the planet (Mercury) undergoes an apparent change of motion in the sky, and looks (and feels) ‘chaotic.’ This confusion typically hits us for three weeks, on three separate occasions each year. (Fun Fact: In 2016 Mercury Retrograde happened 4 different times, totaling over 80 days! Dudes, thats a LOT of time for reflections. Did you have a tough 2016? Anyone? #NoShame)

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. Mercury is about to f with all yo sh*t. Welcome to the retrograde, b*tches.” – The Universe

For real though you guys, Mercury Rx is a great time for us all to take a step back and reflect on things in our lives. What changes do we need to make? How can we do better? What things are we able to re-focus on, or re-do?

So what’s this Mercury dude REALLY all about?

Each planet ‘rules’ different areas of our lives (both good and bad) and this affects each of the zodiac signs in different ways too. It’s helpful to understand Mercury and what his cosmic personality is. The more we understand how our individual stardust tangos with Mercury’s, the better we can dance our way through his backwards cycle every couple of months.

Mercury owns …

Communication in all forms: writing, reading, speaking, learning, negotiating, and selling.

Contracts: agreements and even wills, leases, and a multitude of other legal documents.

Travel: your travel plans may cancel or change in an instant.

Technology: your internet connection may just randomly stop working, and your computer systems at work may fail.

It’s really important to be self aware when you are communicating with others and don’t let glitches in your network connection affect your vibe. Don’t let yourself say something out of impulse that you may regret later.

The good news is, there is plenty of information out there to help you, especially on social media. Personally, I like to check in with all my favorite spiritual ‘advisors’ on the ‘gram during a Retrograde. Sometimes we all just need a strong support system to get us through a challenging time!

Here are some of my favorite gurus:

Mercury Rx: don’ts

During a retrograde, it’s not advised to make large purchases or sign contracts, as most of the time when those things are done during Mercury Retrograde they end up not working out or falling through when the planet goes to ‘forward motion’ again. For example, starting a new job during Mercury Retrograde may not end up being the long term plan for you, for reasons you can’t control. Don’t make big important decisions as the situation is likely to be mixed up in a chaotic mess. Don’t let yourself overreact to situations or lash out when your emotions are running high, because you could cause permanent damage in your relationships. Your communications can be misconstrued and you may not be able to convey your meaning effectively.

Let’s make a quick memorizable list of what not to do.

Don’t list: 

  • Sign legal binding contracts
  • Make large purchases (ex. house, car, electronics)
  • Start new projects, start new jobs
  • Make travel arrangements / travel
  • Close out of electronic documents without saving or back thing them up. Don’t keep liquids close to devices either!
  • Lose your cool during misunderstandings or you may permanently damage relationships.
  • Leave late for your timely obligations
  • Share assumed or unconfirmed information, spread rumors, go off on social media

You basically can’t do anything, and you should just lay in bed for the whole three weeks and wait for the cosmic storm to pass…right? WRONG. Sure, there are things you should (TRY to) avoid, but there are also just as many things that you should focus on too! Not to mention, you can’t just stop living your life and sometimes things come up that just can’t be avoided. We just need to be cautious and prepared so we know what to expect and how to better navigate through it.

“Be so aligned, that not even Mercury Retrograde can phase you.” – Spirit Daughter

Mercy Rx: dos 

The biggest takeaway is to SLOW down, ground yourself, go EASY on yourself and everyone around you. This is a time when it’s best we all think before we speak and try not to act irrationally. It can be easy to get caught up in the moment and lash out, but that’s when permanent damage occurs from things you say or do. Basically we need to focus on not losing our sh*t…and remember, we really are all in this together! Also be sure to backup your computers and all of your technology. Save, save save! This is also a time when we want to look inward and reflect on our lives and what things we can take a moment to give a proper do-over to. We should focus on setting things straight and getting our ‘ducks-in-a-row’, so to speak.

Here is a list of the positive things you should focus on.

Do list:

  • Re-do things that didn’t work out or get the proper attention the first time around
  • Re-model your house, fix things that are broken
  • Think nostalgically, walk down memory lane.
  • Re-view all communications before sending.
  • Re-new and re-vamp yourself
  • Re-new your commitments instead of making brand new commitments
  • Consider it a period to review your life and finish things that you’ve started.
  • Be forgiving. Resolve things that you need to let go of.


It is in ALL of our best interests to embrace the lack of control and the chaos in our lives. Being self aware puts you on a whole new level of vibes, my friends. Own your sh*t and you will overcome it. Don’t wither away in a deep, dark tunnel of self victimizing situations and thought patterns. Admit your setbacks, reflect on it, fix it, and move on!

The Retrograde: This too shall pass

The silver lining

Mercury Rx is a great time for us to clear out our baggage and handle our unfinished business. Understanding how opportune this time is to audit our lives helps us take away any reason to dread Mercury in Rx. This isn’t a time to be feared, it’s a time of focus, a time to practice self awareness, and take time for inner soul reflection. The signal jamming cycle of Mercury comes and it goes, and it will come again. Consider it a quarterly review period directly from the cosmos. Take full advantage of this time to rejuvenate yourself. Knowledge is power dudes.

“I’m sorry for the things I said when Mercury was in Retrograde.”

Mercury Rx: journal prompts


Hey we all like a little extra credit, don’t we?

Pull out the pen and paper, and write it out! It always help to let your self reflective thoughts flow. Plus it’s great to have record of what it is you are focusing on for processing those changes after Mercury has gone direct again.

Observing your thoughts and feelings will also help you focus on specific areas of growth in your life.

Here are some good questions worth asking yourself:

1. What setbacks are you experiencing? What could these opportunities mean for you? What might they be teaching you?

2. What do you feel ready to let go of spiritually/energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally?

3. What repetitive signs, signals, or messages are you receiving during this period? What themes of your life are they tied to? Repeat messages point to solutions and opportunities for change.

You know your Zodiac sign, so now what’s your Mercury sign?

*Extra, EXTRA credit*

Take things a step further in your understanding of the cosmos and find out what sign your Mercury planet is in my completing your Birth Chart. There are many websites where you can have this done for free, but I like to use the Astro Twins birth chart.

Once you know what sign your Mercury is in you can reference the Astro Twins (Mercury Signs) to read more helpful tips and tricks in navigating each period of Mercury in Rx.

FYI: PSA: Mercury Rx dates for 2018

Hey you should put these dates in your phone yo!

  • July 26th to August 19th*
  • November 17th to December 6th*

*Date ranges also have shadow periods starting a few weeks prior and ending a few weeks after the planet goes forward again.

Keeping track of the cosmos can help you plan ahead and increase your overall productivity levels, especially during a retrograde. It’s also a great way to avoid oncoming frustrations.

Reminder: Mercury isn’t the only planet that goes retrograde, in fact they all go retrograde at some point in time. Start exploring other planetary retrogrades and how they may affect you on an individual Zodiac sign basis.

Good luck out there babes, the Universe can be a scary uncharted space. But now you’ve all been armed with the low-down! Now you’ve got the right tools and information and can tackle that next Retrograde like it isn’t even happening.

Remember, next time you mess something up at work during a Mercury Rx, just say #MercuryMadeMeDoIt . People (who aren’t #woke) will only roll their eyes at you a few times, I swear! :)

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