How To Break Through Money Blocks and Make It A Spiritual Practice

This is the second post in our money mindset series. If you missed the last article, we discussed how to shift from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance. Start there.

Hopefully the practical tools and structure of that process have been supporting you. To recap the first piece in the series, I walked you through…

  • How to identify blocks you’ve been carrying about money
  • Reprogramming those beliefs
  • Ways to step into abundance
  • Your language around money

The last topic we touched on was all about language pertaining to money, and I want to circle back to this one before we go anywhere else because it is so important.

Have you consciously focused on pulling the word broke from your vocabulary?

Have you started to ask yourself questions like…

  • How can I afford that?
  • Is this a priority to me
  • Is this how I choose to circulate my money?

What about investment over debt?

After some active listening to your current language, I really encourage you to shift what you think, what you say, and how you feel about money and of course the language you’re using around it.

We create through our words; we create through our thoughts. What are you creating when you see debt as this looming weight? What would you be creating if you re-aligned and started to see it as an investment in yourself, a commitment to yourself.

What if every time you put $100 or $500 or $10,000 toward debt, you told yourself about how amazing that experience is?

What if you allowed yourself to feel into that joy? What if you felt like your hard work was actively paying off, and that you chose to pay something off over time that really supports you, your growth, and your goals?

What would that feel like for you?

Have those conversations with yourself, and make sure that you focus on the words that you are using.

Consider shifting the word “budget” to “financial plan” or “abundance overview”.

Check in with yourself about how you feel when you say and do certain things, allow the experience to be one that is positive, opening, and uplifting and your relationship with money and your mindset will change.

Through this change, you will see a shift in your experience, because we are all constantly creating our reality from our thoughts, words, and feelings.

Now, let’s take another step together.


Let’s discuss receiving, and all the goodness that comes with opening the second chakra (fertility, creativity, femininity, receiving).

As women we have such a deep connection to the second chakra, and I have found in my years of working with client energetics that when we as women specifically close down our channels of receiving in one way, we start to block the flow in so many ways. Our ability to magnetize that which we desire to us, to call it in, to open up and receive it is huge!

We all have access to the masculine aspect as well: the push, the hustle, the make-it-happen mentality. However when we sit back, when we release our holds, I have found that we can be far more successful. Typically with way less effort.

It is the natural state of the divine feminine to be the chalice, to receive, to overflow, and then transmute those things that we receive into something so much more.

When I first started to process that and started to shift my mindset around money in this way, through connecting money with my second chakra and not just my first (foundation, home, stability, food, water, etc), I became way more successful with calling money in. I started allowing money to stay, seeing money as a resource for me to do great things with, and so much more.

A lot of us have grown up with money being a necessary evil of sorts. We enjoy it, feel bad about it, it’s heavy, and we wish we could avoid it, but we understand that we need it for survival.

This is a belief that is plugged into your root chakra, the area of your base needs. I have started to plug money into other chakras, the second (sacral) and the fourth (heart), and even the sixth (third eye). This work has really allowed me to open myself to a new way of understanding and relating to money, abundance, wealth, prosperity. To truly accept money as a resource that supports our lives.

When I take money and plug this into my second chakra, I start to work with money as an open channel, something that flows to me, something that I can connect to my creativity, my ability to call in new things. It resonates as one of the many things that I am open to receiving, instead of being limited by my own ideas of how money can flow into my life. For instance, we often think work, our jobs, our careers are the only channels where we can receive money, and that is just not true. There are so many ways abundance can flow into our lives. But our preoccupation with how it’ll happen tends to block us from being truly open.


Try this process for working money/abundance into your second chakra.

Sit with your eyes closed for three minutes, becoming consciously aware of your breath.

Continue your focus on your breath for another three minutes. Now start to interact with your breath, drawing the breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Keep the same count for in and out breaths. If you breathe in for four counts, also breathe out for four counts.

Now draw that breath and the energy that follows that focus into your second chakra, place your hands on your second chakra (located in the lower abdomen area, just below the belly button), feel the oxygen drawing into your second chakra and feel it being pushed out of your second chakra.

Now envision with feeling and vivid imagery, all the things that you are open to receiving on your in breaths.

This could be relationships, creative inspiration, money, gifts. This could be love, peace, calm, feminine alignment, anything you desire.

Picture these things flowing into you, feel these things flowing into you.

Now, regardless if you already interacted with money flowing in, start to focus on abundance, what that means to you, the version of you who lives an abundant life, what that looks and feels like. How you spend your money when you are abundant, what types of companies you support, how abundance opens new doors for you, your family, your community. Feel and see this flowing into the second chakra, allow it to start with the breath but allow it to expand. See different channels, paths, roadways flowing into your aura, into all your chakras, pouring over you, completely enveloping you. FEEL into the magic, the prosperity, the abundance, and let that feeling expand, grow, and take you away.

This practice really focuses on the feeling and it allows you to feel the opening/creation of new channels. When we start to allow ourselves to feel a connection to abundance that is no longer rooted in need, but in beautiful partnership, we start to shift our relationship with money and abundance.

Unblocking questions:

Let’s work with abundance, but in a way that has little to do with actual money, and more focused on receiving in general. When you block yourself from receiving, in any way, you start to block yourself from receiving in more than one way. In what area(s) of your life can you start to receive more openly, more willingly, and with more ease and grace.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • When someone offers to hold the door for you, do you allow them?
  • When someone offers to put your bag in the overhead bin, do you say you can do it yourself?
  • When someone allows you to step in front of them in line, do you say thank you and accept?
  • When you are offered an upgrade, sample, discount, etc do you graciously accept and feel into that feeling?
  • When a co-worker offers support on a project or task, do you welcome in their help?
  • When a friend offers to put your drink on their tab, do you say thank you and welcome that treat?

We often block our own channels of receiving, because receiving can be difficult for us. But as we start to focus on allowing, being open and being grateful, we call more of these beautiful occurrences in. When the channels for other means of receiving are open and highly traveled pathways, the channels for abundance follow suit!


Do you feel worthy of receiving?

This is definitely a place to start with your inner work, if as you are reading the many suggestions around receiving, you are feeling tension, stress, or anxiety.

Continue to focus on finding any of your beliefs around money that don’t support you and reprogram them. Focus on the language you use and how you think about money. Last but certainly not least, really start to expand your abundance practices, start to open your mind and new channels for receiving.

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