Cozy Holiday Gift Guide For The Twentysomething Homebody

Oh how we love the holidays! We adore the holiday decor, the music, the cozy vibes, the ugly Christmas sweater parties, the gift giving; everything about this season is magical.

This year, we’ve been particularly inspired by making our homes cozy havens over the holidays. We all want to experience more hygge, right? Our 2017 gift guide is for all the women who love spending leisurely time in their home. All the items listed are totally budget friendly, and from Etsy shops and other small businesses – because we love to shout out small businesses whenever we can! Shop small, ya’ll.

Candles from Hazel Candle Company

These soy wax candles from Hazel Candle Company are inspired by nature and smell delightful. We were sent Joe (smells like coffee), California Pines, and Apple Harvest (currently burning) to try. And it’s hard to pick a favorite. They’re all so yummy. The candles are hand poured in California and burn for 40 hours.

Use the code LifeGoals at checkout for 10% off your order.

Journals from Olive & Company

Olive & Company has the cutest journals. Our other favorite (not pictured) is the Gemstones & Diamonds journal. They’re small, and easy to transport and they have blank pages, perfect for doodling.

Free shipping until December 15, and that’s also the last day to guarantee it gets to you by Christmas.

Burn your bra t-shirt from The Bee & The Fox

Photo from The Bee & The Fox

The Bee & The Fox is probably most famous for their Mama Bird tee, but we’re eyeing this “burn your bra” tee. It looks hella comfy and makes a feminist statement. Win-win.

Boss Babe Mug from The Freckled Goose

Pass the coffee. We love curling up with a good business book while sipping our morning coffee out of this boss babe mug from The Freckled Goose.

To get your mug in time for Christmas, order by December 8.

Fun doormat from Fox and Clover Boutique

Photo from Fox and Clover Boutique

Quirky doormats are so in right now. This one in particular from Fox and Clover Boutique speaks our language.

Order by December 10 to get in time for Christmas.

Floral Bath Soak Set from Florapothocarie

You can’t go wrong with good quality bath products (unless of course they don’t have a bath…). It’s so luxurious and invites women to indulge in more self-care filled evenings. A must.

Makeup bag from Lovestich

Photo from Lovestich

For the nights where you must leave the comfy duvet behind and get ready for a night with friends, having a beautiful makeup bag makes it even more fun. Lovestitch has great quality, cozy accessories we love.

Wall hangings from Sage & Stone Company

Photo from Sage & Stone Company

Sage & Stone Company has amazing rustic, handcrafted goods. This Texan shop is perfect for someone with a bohemian style.

Stoneware kitchen canisters from claylicious

Photo from claylicious

For those that love baking and spending lots of time baking, these handmade canister sets from claylicious are meant for a well-loved kitchen. Bonus points if you fill them up before gifting.

Rose quartz crystal air plant from AirFriend

Photo from AirFriend

You don’t even have to be a spiritual hippie to gush over the crystal airplants from AirFriend. Rose quartz is always a good choice.

Place your order by December 8th to have it arrive in time for Christmas.

Print from The Night Sky

Photo from The Night Sky

The perfect gift for someone that means the universe to you. How it works: You pick a date of significance like the night your child was born or the evening you met the love of your life. The company will then show you what the sky looked like that night in the very location you were at and they’ll ship you a print. (Frame is not included)

Let us know what you’re gifting this holiday season!

cozy holiday gift guide ideas for women in their twenties

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