Goal Sessions

✨ Want to create goals that are aligned with what you truly want?

😟 Struggling to stay focused on goals and feeling like you’re getting in your own way?

😍 Trying to figure out how to put your vision into actionable steps?

πŸ‘‰ Want to craft an attainable plan that you’ll actually stick to?

It’s time to start living your best life – and creating a plan that reflects YOUR version of success. Let’s bring that vision to life!

β–Ά In this hour-long Goal Session, our founder Coley, will help you solidify your vision, work with you to create goals that are aligned with YOUR unique values & desires and work with you to develop an attainable game plan that fits your lifestyle.

We’re talking:

  • Realistic steps that work within your lifestyle
  • Action plan based on your personality and unique vision
  • A gentle, habits-based approach to keep you on track with your goals, even when life happens! Or when mercury is in retrograde ;)

The desires you have for your life are ABSOLUTELY within your reach, so let’s craft a plan so that you can get out of your own way – and into a life you love!

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β€œCoaching with Coley helped me narrow down my niche and get clarity on my business goals. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, a coach will seriously help you with your goals. Coley has already done the work, and has already created such a successful community online with Life Goals. If you’re ready to brainstorm, get clear on your focus, and uplevel your business – I 100/10 recommend Coley.”

– Ariel Richard, Coach & Podcaster

“30 minutes into my first call with Coley, I was challenged to practice what I preach as a coach and take immediate messy action on something I knew would move the needle forward as far as my courage to be more visible. 

She invited me into the risk not being perfect in how I showed up. Well, I did it. & instantly, I felt the reward – I was freed from overthinking and burst out of my comfort zone.”

– Lee Dashti, Coach

“Having a strategy session with Coley was just like talking to friends over coffee. She was able to organize my thoughts into realistic goals and helped me create clear steps to achieving these goals. I finished the session with great action plans & my to-do list full of both immediate plans and long-term goals. Her tips & advice were SO helpful and practical for my business to move forward!”

– Reika Shucart, Yoga Teacher