5 Best Fitness Routines For Getting Fit During The Fall Season

Staying fit isn’t always easy, and every season presents its own challenges. Winter is known for being particularly difficult, given the fact that Christmas cookies and cold air seem to define the season. The spring is often full of rain, which provides you with the perfect excuse to stay indoors. And during the summer, you may get so caught up in your vacations and outdoor excursions that you forget to prioritize fitness and make exercise a part of your everyday routine.

Which leaves fall — a season known for comfortable temperatures and a time of change. And for many, there’s never a better time to get their heart pumping with workouts that will enhance their sense of physical and mental wellbeing.

As fall approaches, it’s time to start thinking about your new upcoming fitness routine. Not sure how to keep your body in motion once summer draws to a close? Here’s a look at 5 easy ways you can incorporate fitness into your everyday life during the fall season.

Lace up your hiking boots

The leaves start to change colors, the bugs aren’t as bothersome and the sun doesn’t beat down quite as strong anymore — which makes fall the ideal time for enjoying the great outdoors.

Fresh air and fitness often go hand in hand, offering people a way to get in their daily cardio while also enjoying the beauty of nature, too. Commonly referred to as green exercise, embarking on a hike outdoors can help boost your mood while increasing your likelihood of sticking with your workout routine as well.

Hiking also works multiple muscles at once, making it the perfect cardio workout for outdoor adventurers who like to stay fit. Consider asking a friend to tag along on the journey — whether it be your partner or your dog! Hiking is the perfect excuse to bond with others while maintaining healthy cardiovascular health, too.

Prepare for a race

The fall is notorious for marathons, half marathons and other races, many of them aimed at raising money for particular causes. This means fall is also the perfect time to put your running skills to work. If you’re passionate about a particular cause, find a charity run that’ll give you extra motivation to get out and enjoy the autumn weather while soaking in the last of the year’s warm sunny rays.

Prep yourself for the big run by jogging around your neighborhood or in a local park throughout the day. If you find yourself bogged down by work and unable to squeeze a workout session in later in the day, training for a particular race on a specific date may just give you the incentive you need to get up and go.

Replace four wheels with two

Consider ditching your car for a set of two wheels instead. Bike riding is the perfect way to take in your natural surroundings while conveniently traveling to your next destination, too. Don’t think bike riding is a great way to stay fit? Regular cycling offers a myriad of health benefits that range from muscle strengthening to improved mental health.

If you’re biking in fall, be sure to wear comfortable attire that suits the weather, especially as the season starts to transition into winter. Many people boast that taking bike rides during fall helps ward off those impending and pesky winter blues, too.

Hit the gym on unfavorable days

While fall is often known for its brisk air and comfortable weather, that doesn’t mean you’ll always find the outdoors suitable for a quick run or bike ride. But a little rain or cool air isn’t quite the perfect excuse to binge watch Halloween shows on Netflix while sipping a pumpkin spice latte either. Well, maybe sometimes. But mostly, when the weather doesn’t agree, you can choose to simply take your workout indoors instead.

Hit up your local gym and challenge yourself to find a new machine or fitness class that you like there. If you’re tired of the same gym-based workouts, consider taking a dip in an indoor pool, or even looking for a gym that offers underwater treadmill running classes or water aerobics. These types of new-age workouts offer many physical benefits and add some spice to your workout routine.

Stretch out your stress

The end of summer can be an incredibly stressful time of year. Whether you’re a college student and are mentally preparing yourself for your upcoming workload or you’re simply sad to say goodbye to sunny and relaxing days, fall is often associated with the end of vacations and fun.

Fortunately, you can relieve a bit of stress while keeping your mind and body healthy. Not sure how? Release your inner Zen — yoga style. Take a yoga mat to your local park as the sun begins to rise — or set — and enjoy the crisp autumn breeze. Remember to go beyond the typical downward dog by incorporating poses perfectly suited for fall into your everyday routine.

Remember you shouldn’t stop exercising just because the days aren’t quite as sunny and the leaves begin to drop. As the seasons start to change, you’ll find the perfect reason to change along with it by revitalizing your energy and vowing to engage in a new fitness journey!

getting fit during fall. pumpkin spice season has it's own set of challenges when it comes to working out consistently. here are good routines that'll make your healthy habits easy

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