Holiday Gift Guide for Busy Millennial Women | #ShopSmall

For our very first holiday gift guide, we wanted to feature small brands on Etsy. We love the idea of shopping small and supporting awesome entrepreneurs who are dedicated to their craft.

We personally picked out the following shops and products we’re going to mention below and asked if the shop owners would send us over their products to review and tell you all about. We got a firsthand look at their customer service and got to test out their products to make sure they are giftable. All the words below are our own personal opinions on the products and who we would choose to gift them to in our lives. (But let’s be real, we’re keeping them all to ourselves because we’re obsessed.)

Enjoy our 2016 holiday gift guide (with busy intentional millennial women in mind)!

Letter Love Goods


I’ve had my eye on a letter board for awhile now and I was so pleased to see this new shop pop up on Etsy. Their letter board is good quality and the perfect gift for an Instagrammer or anyone who enjoys fun additions to their space. It’s so fun to play around with. I am personally obsessed with this and it would definitely be on my Christmas list.

The shop owner Briana is lovely and the customer service is fast and amazing. I love Briana’s bio, so I just have to share: “From Seattle, Washington, Briana is a student studying elementary education currently living in Utah with her loving husband and business partner, Jase. She loves to play with her year old Goldendoodle, Hank, hike the beautiful Utah landscape, and does yoga in her spare time.”

Pictured: Letter board
Last day to ship in time for Christmas: December 15th

Mottos Print


I’m all for high quality, minimalist prints that have clever sayings on them. That’s pretty much Mottos Print in summary. They have an abundance of amazing prints. The paper is great quality and I can’t wait to hang them up. These are perfect for the minimalist or anyone who is into Harry Potter (seen above!) I think there is really something for everyone in the Mottos Print shop.


Pictured: 9 3/4, Cool to be kind
 $13.90 and up, depending on print size

Reveal Creative


Affirmation cards have never been so beautiful. Geraldine Simpson creates beautiful, watercolor affirmation cards. If anyone in your life appreciates personal growth and art, they’re going to love these. She also makes greeting cards and has a couple art prints. All are stunning. She pays so much attention to detail with packaging too. Everything is beautiful.


Pictured: Affirmation cards
Around $26

Tin Lizzie Apothecary


These essential oil diffuser necklaces are beautiful, unique, and calming. Each piece is handmade to order. There are oil blends like “sunbeam happiness” and “anchor grounding” which “brings you back down to earth when you need it most.”

When you put the necklace on, you dab some of the essential oil on the wooden gem and inhale. It’s so soothing and is the perfect way to start the day. If you know anyone who is spiritual or could use some relaxation, this is the perfect gift.

Pictured: Wood, Black Agate & Gemstone Bead on Gold ChainGeometric Amazonite Bead with Brass Pendant
Price: $24.99+
Last day to order in time for Christmas: December 14th


Photo from JessicaNDesigns

If you know someone who loves coffee, I have the perfect gift suggestion. This “coffee is my spirit animal” spoon is on point. As a coffee addict myself, I know that this is the kind of gift that I would love to receive. JessicaNDesigns has plenty of engraved spoons for any type of person really. I think it’s perfect for anyone who hosts parties or someone who enjoys personalized gifts. There are so many opinions- it’s hard to choose. I personally think “let’s spoon” (pictured below) is a really cute gift idea for a significant other. There are also ones specific to the holidays like “all I want for Christmas is you” and “baby it’s cold outside.” Ornaments, jewelry, mugs, and so much more. All the heart eye emojis.

I have to add that their customer service is wonderful. Skye responded so quickly to my emails and was beyond helpful.

Photo from JessicaNDesigns

Pictured: Coffee is my spirit animalLet’s spoon forever
Price: $18

Feather and Wax



I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect, all-natural candle that smells amazing, and looks expensive (but isn’t actually) to place on my dresser. No. 2 Needle from Feather and Wax is the one. All their candles are unisex and I can tell that a lot of thought went into the scent. It’s a blend of pine, cedar, sandalwood, tobacco and vanilla. Perfect for literally anyone who doesn’t live in a dorm.

Pictured: Needle
Price: $18

Let us know some of the fun things on your Christmas wishlist this year in the comments below.


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