Easy Ways To Sharpen Your Logical Thinking

Have you seen the new TV show Sherlock, this time portrayed by the talented Benedict Cumberbatch? If you have, you probably envy his amazing deduction skills and wonder “How does he do that?” The truth is that you can do it too.

Well, maybe you cannot solve a complicated murder case, but you can improve your logical thinking with the goal to make problem solving and decision-making easier. In return, those skills will contribute to your success in work and life, in general.

Here are some tricks and exercises which can help you sharpen your mind.

Making Logical Conclusions

Though it may sound silly to you, try to think in conditional statements and find causes and consequences of small and perhaps insignificant facts. For instance, let us assume that every time when it is snowing, it is cold outside. The sentence would say: “If it is snowing, it is cold outside”.

In conditional sentences, if the premise (the first part of the sentence) is true, than the conclusion (the second part) is true also. Try to do that with other things to (If I drop my phone, it will be ruined; If I do not eat, I will be hungry, etc), and see if that relationship of the premise and the conclusion functions vice versa, too.

Play Card Games

Who said sharpening your logical thinking must be boring? On the contrary. Gather your friends once a week and play card games that will stimulate your brain to think fast and logical. Challenging card games are not only be good for the soul and entertaining, but they also improve your memory, focus and analytical skills.

If you incorporate strategy into that mixture, they are even better. Kids can engage into fun games of Crazy Eight or Go Fish, while adults can play Black Jack or Poker.

Make Math Fun

There is no doubt that math is one of the best exercises for improving your logical skills. Still, it can be really unappealing pastime for both kids and adults. Luckily for you, there are many fun ways to work on your math. Both grownups and kids can find enjoyment and mental challenges in math games on various websites or using smart phone apps.

Playing Sudoku and other games that include working with numbers in fun and challenging ways can improve the brain’s ability to solve real problems faster, eventually.

Solve Mysteries and Break Codes

Reading crime stories and detective novels requires logical thinking from readers. You can get similar experience from watching such movies or TV shows. Try to solve some mystery before the hero of the story does.

Do not be discouraged if it is not going as your imagined it. Just remember the words of the famous hero from the beginning of this article: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” So eliminate the impossible and the improbable, and the solution will come to you. Breaking codes (created by your friends or found on the web) is another great brain exercise.

Conduct a Debate

Have you ever found yourself in a dispute when you cannot find the right arguments to explain why something is good or bad? We all have. Debates are great, because they encourage you to search for causes and consequences, transform them into firm arguments and find some logic behind it all.

Because they require logical thinking and making decisions on-the-go, debates can sharpen your mind. So, you can either join a debate club, or organize a debate with your friends about politics, music, society, literature, etc.

Be Strategic

Since logical thinking is all about putting the pieces together, strategic thinking plays a major role in that process. Being a strategic thinker will not only supercharge your brain, but it will be a useful asset for work related decisions and even for personal life success.

Some of the basic habits you should acquire for that purpose are anticipating (thinking about what is ahead), critical thinking (question everything), interpreting (seeking patterns), deciding (coming to a conclusion), and learning (from your mistakes). Sharpen your strategic thinking by playing strategic games (board games, card games, video games, etc.) and designing a strategy for sports events.

Just as it is important to find your inner balance and work on your spirituality, it is also crucial to keep your brain constantly active with challenging games and tasks, so that you improve your logical intelligence, which is crucial for a successful and, thus, harmonic life. Use the tips we gave you and you will, soon enough, discover your inner Sherlock Holmes.

Easy ways to sharpen your logical thinking and sharpen your mind. lifegoalsmag.com

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