How To Dress For The Occasion

In life, there are certain events that we will be invited to or will be hosting. It may not seem like something to think about, but it is important to know how to dress for the type of event. We all don’t want to be that person who seems out of place, whether its being under-dressed or overdressed. Understand the type of occasion you’re attending and the dos and don’ts for each event. It’s important to have manners and act polite; dressing appropriately is one of them. I may not be covering every occasion you can be invited to, but I talk about a broad span of events that most of us will attend at some point in our lives.

Here is how I would dress for important events.


As we all know, the wedding is about the bride and groom. Wearing white is still a big no-no. It’s only polite to try to stay away from whites, and even cream/nude colors. Back in the day, wearing red was also not allowed, but now wearing red is okay in my book. I would also try and find out what color the bridesmaids are wearing and try steer away from that. The weather and time of the wedding should be taken into consideration depending on if you’re wearing a cocktail dress or a gown.


The LBD is your friend, ladies. Black is the obvious choice to wear. Now, let’s go into the detail of the dress. Do not wear a LBD that you would wear out to the club. You’re at a funeral to show your condolences, not to dance. Try and find a dress right above the knee or longer. Maxi dresses are appropriate to wear. Wear black or nude heels/flats to pair with your black attire.

Job Interview

I’ve always gone with the saying, “dress for the job you want.” Always dress your best. Bring out the blazer, blouse, and either the skirt or slacks. Even if you’re interviewing for a bartending position, I believe you should show up dressed professional. This shows the employer that you care, you took your time getting ready, and you have good hygiene. Wear minimal jewelry and make sure your nails are painted a neutral color. Dressing professional will also help to build your confidence!

Dinner Party

Always talk to the host about the type of party they are throwing. If you show up under-dressed, you can insult the host. If you show up overdressed, you can make the host feel unimportant or outdid. Know the details of the party. Is it outside or inside? What is the host wearing? What time of year? The more information you know, they better off and prepared you will be!

Business Dinner

A business dinner is still business, so dress business attire. You not only want to dress professional, but you also want to act professional. Don’t be that person at the company Christmas party, if you know what I mean. If the dinner is casual, like a company picnic, then it is fine to dress down. Just make sure that you aren’t dressing provocative. At dinners like this, especially if its with clients, you’re still representing your company and want to act in a certain matter that represents your company well.

The main point to take away from this is to communicate with your boss or host of the event if you are ever unsure of the attire. With weddings and funerals, there is a general rule to follow. As long as you follow those that I have listed, you’ll be good to go! Always be aware of the weather, time of day, and time of year that the event is being taken place.

How to dress appropriately for the occasion so that you always feel confident in every situation -

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