10 Details To Update When You Move To Another State

Moving from one home to another one can be quite the process, but moving to another state across the country can feel utterly daunting. What do I need to do to make the move official? Where am I going to pick up packages? Is there a fire hydrant within 500 feet of my home? Having recently moved from NYC to Denver myself, dozens of questions flooded my mind. After doing some research, I created a laundry list of details that need to be updated once my move was complete, and I’m sharing that with you today – check it out below.

1. Complete an official change of address.

Although most of the time I find myself throwing out junk mail, it’s still important to update your address so you can start receiving mail. The fastest way to do this is by filling out an online form and paying a $1 fee. One perk of changing your address is all the coupons that you get in the mail with your change of address confirmation. 

2. Register to vote in your new state.

The League of Women Voters Education Fund launched a one-stop-shop for election-related information and provides nonpartisan information about all aspects of the election process, including voter registration information. Visit Vote411 to learn more.

3. Update the billing and shipping information for all online websites and service providers that you use.

We live in a time where it’s much more convenient to shop online than actually going into stores. Make sure you update all of your shipping and billing information for all the online retailers and service providers that you frequent; for me, it was Amazon, Chewy, Netflix, Hulu, as well as my banks and renter’s insurance provider.

4. Have a vehicle? Deal with the logistics of being a driver.

When you move to a different state, different rules and regulations will apply to ensure your vehicle is abiding by the state law. For starters, you should get a new driver’s license. Figure out which county you’re living in and go to the DMV (make sure to have a podcast, book, or something to keep you busy while you’re waiting!)

You’ll also need to register your vehicle, and the process varies by state. Do a quick Google search on how to register in your new home state –– I do know that proof of insurance is required. In addition, some states require emissions tests for vehicles that are older models so be sure to check if that applies to you or not.

5. Revamp your professional resources.

Add your latest experience(s) to your resume, and update the location on it, too. Before you move, ask 2-3 colleagues to see if they’re comfortable being used as a reference. I like to ask multiple people so I can pick and choose which people to use as a reference for different roles I’m applying to.

Another detail I get done during this time is to get 1-2 colleagues to write LinkedIn recommendations for my profile. I usually offer 2-3 skills/strengths that I’d like for them to highlight in the recommendation, too, to ensure the recommendation is relevant to the next opportunity I am seeking.

6. Share your new address with family and friends.

When you move, sharing your new address could seem like a gray area –– who do you share it with? For me, my rule is to share my new physical address with my immediate family members along with whoever usually sends me mail or visits.

Pro tip: I use the address book feature on Postable to keep all the addresses I need in one place.

7. Change your current city on all social media channels.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. –– update them with your new location. Why is this one important? Because it’s a great way to reconnect with friends acquaintances who may have connections in your new hometown.

8. Join relevant online groups, and leave irrelevant ones.

Meeting new friends when you’re a working professional is hard enough, but moving to a new state can make this process feel even harder to do. I’ve found that joining a few online groups who have things in common with what I enjoy is a great first step in the right direction for meeting new people. Likewise, leaving groups that no longer will pertain to you is also smart so you don’t get spammed with inapplicable events and opportunities.

I left a handful of NYC-specific Facebook groups when I moved to Denver, and I also joined a handful of Denver-specific Facebook and Meetup groups that are about industries I am interested in and hobbies I enjoy doing.

9. Confirm your health insurance coverage and details.

If you have continued health insurance from your employer, then you can simply research and find a new primary care physician for checkups and writing prescriptions. Also, look into finding an OBGYN for your reproductive health needs.

If you move and do not have health insurance, then take some time to do research on your state’s online health insurance marketplace. While the standard open enrollment period for 2019 is over, if you have a ‘qualifying event’ such as losing coverage from a previous job, you may still be able to enroll. Go to www.healthcare.gov to find out more.

10. Pet owner? Establish new pet care.

Check out Yelp and other local online sites like Nextdoor to ask for recommendations for vet care, boarding services, dog walkers, etc. Once you have a vet, then you can ask your old one to email or fax your pet’s history files to the new provider.

Bonus tip: Another set of details that can be easier to change during this transitional time period are your routines. Regardless, your life will look different because of the big move, so this is a great opportunity to adjust and reprogram your day-to-day routines to better fit your goals and what you want to accomplish. You can read more about how to set up a solid morning routine here, how to add self-care to your work routine here, and how to create a relaxing nighttime routine here.

Although moving can seem quite tedious, confirming the list of details mentioned above will no doubt put you in a more settled state of mind and will also help you jumpstart your life in your new home.

Congrats on the move!

moving to another state? tips for all the details to update as you go across country and start your life at a new home. #moving

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