How To Create Better New Years Resolutions

You’ve made it to the end of 2015 and you didn’t lose twenty pounds or start new hobbies. Sure every year we attempt to make new goals when the new year comes in. I myself am completely guilty of making all these goals for myself and then fail to meet them. Here is an excerpt from my old blog about the goals I decided to make for 2015.

“I’ve set some goals for this 2015–like many others have, but I had to be more realistic with myself. No I will not attempt to abuse the gym for the first month of year, eat better, or become a better person.

So here are the four realistic goals I’ve decided to set for myself:

1) Get a new job 2) Challenge myself creatively 3) See more of the world, even if it’s still in the same country 4) Try to get my parents to understand that I am, in fact an adult.”

Reflecting back at this post, I can sit here and say the only one I achieved was getting a new job. Even though that was a huge accomplishment, I failed to meet any of the other goals and opportunities I set for myself. A part of me is disappointed that I did not successfully meet them all, but the other part of me is fully accepting of them for one reason: Life Happens. Though we have all these ideas of what goals we could meet when the new year begins, things happen throughout the course of the year that are completely inevitable. Though these things shouldn’t fully change the course of how you live your life, don’t beat yourself up for it if they do.

Going into the new year it’s important to still to make goals, but approach them in a new way. This upcoming year I plan to do things a little differently. Though many of us end up making goals for the entire year, make it your goal to set monthly goals. You may end up less disappointed that you didn’t meet your annual goals and find yourself meeting way more of them. You’ll be able to hold yourself accountable by following up each month to see your progress. It’ll give you an opportunity to feel out your current situation and base your goals around that and allow you to be creative with them as the months come!

Who’s with us to make monthly goals? We’re working on something exciting to help make it easier on ourselves to follow through with our goals, so stay tuned!

Happy New Years Eve, fam! We hope you have a wonderful start to the new year.

Tell us, what’s one goal you have for January?

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