how to cope when you get rejected in your twenties

How To Cope With Rejection In Your Twenties

Unfortunately, by the time you enter your twenties, you have probably experienced your fair share of rejection. You could have faced rejection from a love interest, a job, friendship, or campus group. Whatever it was, we have all felt the white hot shame and disappointment that comes with being overlooked, turned down, or picked on. However, there are many ways we can cope with the rejection we are facing.

Here are some ways that you can overcome rejection especially when you’re in your twenties.

Take a break

Take some time to process your emotions and feelings towards what happened. Let yourself have a day where you are disappointed that you didn’t get your dream job, or that boy to love you. Wallow in your pajamas, binge watch some great TV, and chow down on some chocolate. Allow yourself to have a couple of days not to be productive, but just to be sad. This will help your body start to heal and be ready to formulate a game plan.

Snap out of it

However, once a couple of days have passed, it’s time to get yourself back out there. This could be starting to look for other jobs or interviews, joining different clubs on campus, or just signing again into that dating app. It’s time to get back in the game. Sometimes a door closes so that the right one can open.

Talk it out

Don’t let all your feelings and sadness be bottled up inside of you. Call up your mom, best friend, and other loved ones. Let them speak encouragement and love into your broken heart. They will remind you of who you are when you might have forgotten yourself. Be healed by their kind words.

Learn from it

Every rejection gives us the opportunity to take an honest look at our lives. Was there something we did, or inadvertently did, that contributed to the rejection that happened? If there was something, learn from that mistake and try not to make it again.

Don’t beat yourself up by any means, but be honest about ways you can fix parts of yourself for a future job or relationship. A rejection of anything is a waste if we don’t learn what we can from it, even if the lesson is just that what we thought we wanted isn’t what we needed after all.

Don’t let it define you

It can be easy, especially in the weeks and months that follow a particularly painful rejection, to blame yourself. Don’t give into that mentality. You are worth acceptance and great things. And, good things are coming.

Try not to give up hope. Once you hit rock bottom, all you can do is go up. Push ahead and try to find new opportunities and ways to further yourself. You are a talented, good-looking, kind individual; start seeing yourself that way. If you need help looking at yourself better, ask your friends and family about the things they love most about you.

Reaffirm yourself

Make a list of everything you are still grateful for, despite this recent rejection. This will help give you a perspective that this job you got fired from or love you lost aren’t the worst thing in the whole world.

Think about the talents you have and the things that you know without a doubt that you are good at, and write those down as well. These could be things like being a good listener, being organized, or helping out those in need. Remember that there are plenty of things that people love and value about you, even though it doesn’t feel that way now.

Don’t lose your identity during this tumultuous time. Take some time to redefine who you are, and go from there.

We have all faced rejection in our lives, and we will continue to face it in the future. But by taking these steps, we don’t have to be afraid to fear the rejection that threatens to ruin our perfect lives. We can live content, knowing that without the bad, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate all the good.

tips for coping with rejection in a healthy way in your twenties when you get rejected. feeling failure is normal, set-backs happen all the time, but it's how we move forward that matters.

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