Contributor Favorites | Alysha’s Must-Haves Of The Moment

Editor’s note: This is a new series for our contributors to share a few of their favorite things of the moment that help make their lives easier and better.

Alysha Parker is a professional event planner, self development enthusiast and blogger based in the New York City area. She is also a volunteer at Bottomless Closet, an organization that helps disadvantaged New York City women become self sufficient through various advancement programs. Alysha produces electronica music, is pretty badass at karaoke and appreciates a good cup of coffee. View her blogs here.

(Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. We may receive a small percentage if you decide you purchase something. All opinions are Alysha’s.) 

Here is Alysha with her favorite things:

1. Evernote

As a writer, my favorite app of the moment goes to Evernote. With Evernote, you can collect, create and share ideas across desktop and mobile platforms. From my laptop to my phone, I am always recording my ideas no matter where I am. I even wrote this blog post using Evernote all between my office, home, and the local coffee shop.

I love the notebook feature that keeps your notes organized so they don’t go missing or scattered.  My mind goes a mile a minute most days and Evernote keeps me right on track.

2. Mini Desk Doughnut Humidifier

I’m somewhat of a humidifier hoarder (and proud). I have 3 at home and my apartment is far from spacious. Aside from adding moisture to dry air, humidifiers are great for our skin, sinuses, sleep and even reduce airborne infections like the flu.

I wanted to take this benefit to the workplace, but discretely. After some research I discovered a Mini Portable USB Humidifier/Air Purifier. The one I have is pink and shaped like a doughnut, (but there’s also a cactus one on Amazon)- obsessed! It’s perfectly sized so there isn’t a huge puff of smoke coming from my desk and you can barely hear it when it’s on. I’m more refreshed and focused then ever at the office.

3. Simple: The Easiest Cookbook in the World

When a title or a sentence starts/ends with “the best” or “greatest in the world,” I’m always a skeptic. I’m not an easily swayed person when the comparison in question is up against the world…but for the first time I have to agree. This cookbook really is the easiest cookbook on the planet!

Simple: The Easiest Cookbook in the World has made my life in the kitchen a more enjoyable (and faster) experience. Every recipe has less than four steps and fewer than six ingredients. SOLD! It’s also illustrated with more than 1,000 user-friendly photographs for those more visually inclined. The recipes are delicious and will impress your friends…or that special someone for an intimate dinner date home.

4. Facial Cupping Kit

I don’t know about you, but lately my Instagram explore feed has been filled with facial fillers/botox videos. I find it so terrifying, but I simply cannot look away. First of all, it looks painful as ever and secondly, why are we glamorizing this?  If your intention is to achieve an instant facial glow, try my 4th favorite thing of the moment, Facial Cupping.

You can find affordable cupping kits right on amazon. Cupping your face for 8 mins, 2-3 times a week, will reduce visible fine lines, wrinkles and scarring from acne. Just apply a little oil to your face, I use almond oil, and continuously roll the cups over your sections of your face.  A little redness is normal and this should be done right before bed.  The best part is, you will still look like the beautiful person that you are! Injection and filler free!

5. Hubble Contacts

My eyesight is terrible.  Without my contacts or glasses, I couldn’t walk the mall let alone drive. My contacts usually cost me so much money because I need a special type of lens.

Then I heard about Hubble Contacts, a monthly subscription that brings the cost of your lenses to a dollar a day. I was convinced that this amazingly sounding service would not carry my very complicated prescription.

After seeing a few ads, I caved when I noticed a free trial option. Needless to say, I signed up, I can see perfectly and for a fraction of the cost! Hubble contacts are super comfortable and I’ve said goodbye to the many inconvenient pick up trips to the eye doctor. I’m on month three of my subscription and there is no turning back.

6. Canva

Closing the list at #6 is my favorite design-made-easy platform, Canva. Canva makes design simple for everyone. You can create designs for web or print, blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and so much more. If you have a project that involves some elements of design, but you have zero design skills and no budget, this is the platform for you. I like to use Canva for my blog and Instagram posts.

What are your favorites right now? Write us in the comments! 

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