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11 Female BookTok Accounts To Watch For Reading Inspiration

Looking for some reading motivation in 2022?

If you’re already on BookTok (aka the bookish side of TikTok), you’ve probably gotten into A Court of Thorns and Roses* – and it might have caused you to add a ton of spicy, romantic fantasy books to your TBR pile since then.

If not, it’s time to come to the dark side, ladies. 😉

Here are some of my favorite Book TikTokers who have amazing reading recommendations, reviews, and relatable videos for book lovers or those of you who want to get into reading again.

Whether you’re into fantasy, romance, thrillers, historical fiction, or non-fiction, there’s something for you on BookTok.

If you need some new reading recs, one of these gals below will have some fun recommendations. And if you want to take it to the next level with accountability and community, a lot of these ladies have book clubs too.

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1. @larryreads

Larissa is a whole vibe. She makes a lot of relatable content on TikTok for readers who share a love of books and coffee.

In January, she read 18 books alone, which puts my reading to shame for sure, but most BookTok ladies do. Larissa’s personality is so magnetic and bubbly, and I love watching her videos.

She also has a Booktube channel where she goes into more detail with her reviews. And, she got to interview Colleen Hoover. Are you kidding? Absolute goals.

2. @bumblebeezus

Lizzy is one of my favorite BookTokers because her skits are genius. This video with different book genres fighting was SO good. Pretty much everyone I know who is in BookTok land with me also loves @bumblebeezus – so she’s a great place to start for all your recs.

She has lots of recommendations across all genres, so she’ll have recommendations based on whatever you’re in the mood for reading.

3. @lauryns_library

I first discovered BookTok through stumbling across one of Lauryn’s storytime videos on my For You Page. Lauryn is so adorable, and I love her TikTok videos because she has very similar taste in books to me. Her videos are super cute and relatable – and if you love feel-good books, she’s got you covered. 

She also has great book recommendations for romance and has a series on book trope recommendations – so you can find the perfect book for you if you’re into enemies to lovers vs fake dating.

4. @books.with.lee

I love Books with Lee, because a lot of BookTok content out there are recommendations from white authors. Lee gives recommendations of diverse authors and books with diverse characters. She has videos with strong, Black female leads in adult fiction. Here are her recommendations for some of her favorite Black authors.

5. @brisbooks

Briana is a girl in the CoHort aka the Colleen Hoover fan club. We stan CoHo books over here, so I trust her recommendations for romance-related books.

6. @alltheradreads

I’m obsessed with Rachel’s Book Bullet Journal. She has a lot of videos on how she made her book bujo and what’s inside of it. I think this is such a fun hobby idea – and a cool, artsy way to keep track of the books you read throughout the year. She actually prints out the book covers and everything! 

Plus, she does other book videos with recommendations and mini book reviews too!

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7. @themorgankennedy

Morgan shares books that will make you fall back in love with reading. If you’ve been in a reading rut and you need a solid recommendation to get you back into reading, start with one of her videos for this. In this video, she says “one of my favorite things is when someone tells me they don’t like to read” because she knows exactly which ones will get them into it.

8. @thebooksiveloved

Pauline has great storytime videos for books that make you believe that she went through the situation herself, while describing the plot of a book. They’re super fun. Plus, Pauline posts a lot of BookTok videos throughout the day – so if you want lots of reading recs and good vibes, she’s your girl.

9. @aymansbooks

Ayman is known for her “shut up and read this book” videos. She’s funny, unexpectedly vulgar, and relatable. I don’t even know what else to say, just shut up and go watch her videos.

10. @pjandbooks

Payten is all about romance, spice, and diversity recommendations. I love her feminine, pink aesthetic. It’s such a vibe. No, Payten is a whole vibe. She has a series with “Chaotic Notes” where she writes in her thoughts of the books she reads in her notes app, and it’s amazing.

11. @darkfaerietales

Bridget came recommended to me by a friend and has you covered with the best faerie tale recommendations. Her bookshelf is the dreamiest dark faerie tale vibe – and I just want to read all her recommendations and steal a book from her gorgeous shelves with books, crowns, and candles. Dreamy!

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Do you have any BookTok recs? Share them with us @lifegoalsmag.

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