17 Best Blogs on Mindfulness and Personal Growth

My favorite blogs to read have changed throughout the years, but one thing that hasn’t is my love for reading them. Most recently, I’m loving blogs that focus on personal growth and mindfulness, because who doesn’t love to grow and learn about how to improve their lives?

I love bloggers who discuss how we can improve our mind, body, and soul. We’re all trying to become better people and improve ourselves, so it’s nice to find blogs where we can learn how to do that and how to foster great relationships with ourselves and others.

Whether we’re trying to learn how to be more productive, get in shape, or how to achieve our goals, websites focusing on these personal development topics can get us inspired and motivate us to put some real effort into creating a life we love.

Here are my current favorite bloggers who I am constantly getting inspiration from.

1. The Blissful Mind

Are you a creative overthinker who talks yourself out of everything? Then The Blissful Mind is for you. Catherine is a mindset coach who shares amazing tips on how to add more bliss into your life.

Main topics: Self-care, Mindfulness, Wellness, Productivity, Minimalism 
Start with:
Develop a self-care routine, How to budget your money (Budgeting might seem boring, but I found this post extremely helpful, and even have it bookmarked, so I think you might too.)

2. James Clear

James Clear, the author of “Atomic Habits”, has an excellent blog on all things habits, routines and bettering yourself. I love his approach because he does a lot of research and still keeps it interesting. Atomic Habits was a great read as well if you want practical tips for creating lasting habits. His emails are one of my favorites to open. Get on his list.

Main topics:
Habits, Thinking, Performance, Optimal Health and Lifelong Learning
Start with:
How To Optimize Daily Decisions

3. My Morning Routine

I love that there’s a blog out there dedicated to morning routines. My Morning Routine posts morning routines in detail from people with all kinds of careers from food scientists to best-selling authors and they have a book dedicated to them too. They currently have over 300 routines on their website.

Main topics: Morning Routines
Start with: Sahara Rose, Mimi Ikonn

4. The Sunday Chapter

The Sunday Chapter was created by Angela Giakas and it’s a website inspiring others to “live a stylish and adventurous life.” Her content is so up-lifting. I love this website for travel inspiration and for tips on food, beauty, and lifestyle.

5. Career Girl Daily

Career Girl Daily is my favorite website for career-related posts, and they have the cutest planner. They’ve got all of it covered. You can learn how to nail an interview, dress for success, and plan like a boss through reading their material. If you’re a twenty-something who cares about your career and future, you need this online magazine in your life, pronto.

Main topics: Career, Lifestyle, Planning
Start with: How to stay motivated, Nail your elevator speech, Ways to decide on your dream career

6. Embracing Simple Blog

Embracing Simple was created by Christina. It is such a great and inspiring blog. It’s all about, you guessed it, living a simple life. She talks about topics across the board but sticks to topics that encourage self-development. She has an awesome (and free!) 4-week course about living a simple life if you sign up for her email list. It’s a great course and I highly recommend joining her email list.

Main topics: Household Tips, Self-Development, Blogging & Business
Start with:
Ways to make your morning happier, How to crush your goals, Create a workspace that fuels productivity

7. The Everygirl

I have been obsessed with The Everygirl for several years now. It has just about everything you could want if you’re a woman in your twenties or thirties who wants to better her life – from career to fashion tips and everything in-between. Their tech backgrounds are the best, and I look forward to adding them as my computer and phone wallpapers every month.

Main topics:
Career & Finance, Style, Wellness and Living
Start with:
How to grow old with yourself, Lessons learned from living alone, Network with confidence

8. Rachael Kable

Rachael Kable is an Australian author & host of @themindfulkind podcast. Her blog is filled with mindfulness tips and practices. If you need help navigating stress or enjoying the little things, check out her posts or podcast.

Main topics: Mindfulness, Self-Care, Meditation, Journaling and Anxiety & Stress Management
Start with:
15 Cognitive Distortions and How They Might Be Fuelling Your Anxiety

9. Mind Body Green

Mind Body Green is the ultimate website for those who love (or want to love) being healthy. Whether it’s spirituality or eating better, they’ve got it all covered. They even have courses! Such a great resource for living a healthy lifestyle.

Main topics: Eat, Move, Breathe, Love
Start with:
Beliefs of the happiest people, What giving up alcohol does for you, Harnessing good vibes – Aura 101

10. Verily Mag

Verily Magazine is by far my favorite online magazine. I wish they still sold physical copies, because their blog speaks to me so much. I love the opinion pieces. They give me new perspectives on topics that I hadn’t even given much thought to in the past. They’re truly inspirational and I could browse on there all day long if I let myself.

Main topics: Relationships, Beauty, Fashion, Culture, Health and Lifestyle
Start with:
New years resolutions for couples, What you need to know about mental illnessA week without makeup

11. Ariel Yasmine

Ariel is a college student, blogger, and future doctor who is helping students find their purpose, craft an abundance mindset, and motivate them to live purposefully. Her content is perfect for those who are young, high achievers, who want to find their path and purpose.

Main topics: Mindset, Personal growth, Self-care, Faith
Start with: How to practice abundance, How to have a healthy relationship with social media

12. Yogi Approved

Yogi Approved has tons of lovely content about mindfulness and spirituality. I think it’s great to learn more about meditation and balance. This website makes me feel more connected to my spiritual side, with content on healing and meditation and everything in-between; it has everything spiritual covered.

Main topics: Yoga, Meditation, Health & Wellness
Start with: Law of attraction hacks, Meditation for beginners

13. Tiny Buddha

Along the same lines of yoga and spirituality, I love Tiny Buddha for mindfulness and personal growth. You definitely do not need to be Buddhist to appreciate this website. It’s got more than just a blog, it has forums too. It’s definitely an inspirational internet place where wander and click for hours at a time.

Main topics: Happiness, Love, Mindfulness, Health
Start with: What you should learn before you die, Why it’s ok to fail at meditation 90% of the time, The power of no

14. The Elgin Avenue

Monica Beatrice Welburn started The Elgin Avenue blog, all about “leading a stylish, happy, and inspired life.” Her photography and content are beautifully crafted. It’s the kind of blog that you want to peruse for hours. Her guest contributors are just as great, and I know that if you love our content here, you’ll enjoy her  She also has a podcast with her friend called “Let’s Discuss,” all about how to live a great life.

Main topics: Lifestyle, fashion, beauty, career
Start with: My 5 social media sanity rules, Macro to Micro to-do list technique

15. She Dreams All Day

Tired of spending your days dreaming instead of doing? I love Mia’s blog where she helps introverted women chase their dreams and start their blogs.

Main topics: Productivity, blogging, personal development
Start with: How to create a personal development routine

16. Gen Twenty

I used to be a contributor for GenTwenty and I love their message. They’re all about making your twenties awesome and their tagline is “a twenty-something’s guide to life.” Such an empowering website and I feel like they truly get how it is to be in your twenties.

Main topics: Career, College, Finance, Personal-Development
Start with: 25 things to do before turning 25, Love yourself as a single girl

17. Life Goals Mag

Up for a humble brag moment? If you’re looking for personal growth content, we’ve got you covered here too. I started this online magazine to inspire women to become their best selves. We have different women from all over the world talking about how they’re doing just that.

Main topics: Self-Care, Habits & Routines, Productivity and Mindset
Start with: 5 steps for breaking past your conditioned beliefs, Mindset shifts for good vibes

Whew, that’s a lot of bloggers. And a lot of websites to browse while procrastinating. I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do. Feel free to leave more suggestions in the comments below.

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