5 Best Sister and BFF Dates Beyond Getting Coffee

Family is one of the cornerstones on which you build your life. You grew up with your family and often they become our best friends. Or in case of best friends who’ve known each other forever, they become part of the family. So you catch up, text each other long novels, Skype when you’re long distance and do all the other things you would with those close to you. But sometimes, it’s good to get out of your comfort zone and do something fun and exciting with your sister of BFF. To help you create an awesome sisterly date, we have gathered a few ideas tried and tested by sisters and BFFs alike.

1. Explore the city – Try new things

When you’ve lived in a city for as long as you can remember (even if that’s just five years and feels like forever), it’s hard to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. You know all those cool touristy things that you’ve been meaning to try? They never happen because you don’t get around to them. So set a day aside and go be a tourist in your own city with your sister or BFF. Try all the things tourists do and look at your city as if you’re visiting for the first time. So next time someone asks you about what are the best things to do and see, you can give them great advice and who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favourite spot together.

2. Road trip – Go somewhere new 

Traveling is great, but traveling with your best friend is the best. Nothing beats a good road trip with junk food and music that brings out the most silly versions of you. Road trips are also great for having heart to hearts, talking about anything, everything and nothing at the same time, and seriously have a few good laughs while you’re stuck in traffic. Those hours spent together will soon feel like the most precious ones ever. Be sure to take plenty of snaps along the way as well to remember your trip.

3. Do a photoshoot – Dress up

You know when you were little and you played dress up all the time? I strongly believe that you are never too old for this. So get all your silly clothes out (come on, I know you’ve got them!) and start dressing up. Get your camera out and do silly poses together along with all the outfits you’ve secretly want to try. No shame and anything is allowed today. I bet you you’ll be laughing all day and long after when you see the photos.

4. Be creative together – Work on a project

Are you both of the creative kind? Awesome! Time to get out your craft supplies and start working on a project together. Maybe a shared journal (remember those from when you were kids?) or a shared granny square blanket (sew all your individual squares together) or even making a scrapbook together of all of your adventures. Whatever you do, nothing beats the thrill of making something together. You have the fun in the actual making and the joy of looking and using what you’ve made.

5. Go to a concert – Blind pick a new band

If you’re both the types who looooove going out and exploring new bands, why not blind pick a new band you both don’t know and go see a concert together. There are a lot of little theaters that showcase bands for a few dollars and it will be a great way to explore new music, or if it is a fail, you still have your BFF to share this moment with and can share some funny faces together.
So what will you do on your next BFF or sister date? We’d love to hear the stories of the best dates and adventures you’ve shared together in the comments!


Fun sister and best friend date ideas - five fun activities to do with your bff. lifegoalsmag.com

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