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8 Hot Girl Walk Podcasts To Become Your Best Self

Our morning routines have the power to change the way we show up in our day – and going for a walk with the intention to get your mindset in line with how you want to show up and feel throughout the day is incredible.

I heard about the hot girl walk viral trend – and I thought, what a fun concept for getting yourself into a mode where you’re feeling good. It’s not about a superficial feeling of “being hot”, it’s about embodying a mindset of feeling confident and showing up like that.

This roundup is filled with intentional, mindful podcasts that will get you in a good mood and make you feel powerful, independent, and hopefully a little happier.

And by the way, you don’t need to be a girl to enjoy these podcasts – it’s just a fun term, so don’t take it too seriously! ;)

What are Hot Girl Walks™?

“Hot girl walks” were coined by Mia Lind from @exactlyliketheothergirls on TikTok. According to Lind, on a “hot girl walk”, you’re only able to think about three things:

  1. Things you’re grateful for
  2. Your goals and how you’re going to achieve them
  3. How hot you are

The idea behind a hot girl walk is to focus on the good things in life, to set your day up for success.

While I believe the hot girl walk is supposed to be 10k steps, I really think of this walk as a way to get into a good mindset, no matter how much time you have to dedicate.

And to just intentionally use your walk time to think positively, feel good, and think about what you want your day and life to feel like. Hotties take care of themselves, right? ;)

Here are some hot girl walk podcasts to start your day with

1. Life Goals In Progress

A motivational, daily-ish podcast to encourage you as you go after your life goals – in 15 minutes or less.

Our founder Coley Lane Bouschet gives you quick, bite-sized inspiration to take with you in your day. She shares relatable stories & tips on what she’s learning on her own personal growth journey, so you can get a dose of motivation for living your best life.

Style: Solo episodes

Frequency: Almost daily

Length: ~10 minutes

▶ Listen on Spotify. Listen on Apple Podcasts.

2. LeadingEdge

If you ask me, one of the best mindset listens is Law of Attraction content from Abraham Hicks. I know the Law of Attraction isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re working on manifesting more positive things into your life, these quick episodes will help you with getting into a better mindset and energy. 

Style: From Abraham Hicks seminars/workshops

Frequency: Biweekly

Length: Under 20 minutes

▶ Listen on Spotify. Listen on Apple Podcasts.

3. Manuka Sunday

This wellness podcast from Mel is all about healing, well-being, and productivity for entrepreneurs. I love Mel’s soothing voice and energy – she’s such good vibes! She talks about optimizing your life, and isn’t afraid to tackle those uncomfy conversations.

Style: A mix of solo episodes and interviews

Frequency: No set schedule

Length: Typically around 50 minutes

▶ Listen on Spotify. Listen on Apple Podcasts.

4. The Chillpreneur Podcast

From the badass entrepreneur, Erin May Henry. If you’re a business owner, this is the perfect business podcast for getting you in a boss mindset. I love Erin’s authenticity, both on her Instagram, YouTube channel and podcast. Her concept of “becoming the coolest person you know” is so inspiring. She’s the perfect fit if you feel like an entrepreneur with a rebellious side!

Style: A mix of solo episodes and interviews

Frequency: No set schedule

Length: 40 minutes – 1 hour

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5. In Between

The In Between podcast from bffs Astrid and Alexis around lifestyle, travel, fashion, business, relationships and everything in between. It’s all about being in the “in between” stages of growth. I love that they’re tackling transitional times of your life, and it’s a super real podcast that also feels like a fun girls’ chat. 

Style: Podcasts with the two hosts

Frequency: Weekly

Length: About an hour

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6. The Self-Love Fix

Beatrice Kamau is an embodiment coach helping WOC dive deeper into self-love and personal development. She shares tips on navigating self doubt, healing and relationships, and dating in 2022. As Beatrice puts it, “This podcast is all about helping you shift from shame, people-pleasing, codependency, low self-esteem, and self-doubt and into alignment, expansion, and unapologetic self-trust through spirituality and healing the inner-child.”

Style: Mostly solo episodes with some interviews

Frequency: Weekly

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7. I Love You So Much With Kenzie Elizabeth

YouTuber and Content Creator, Kenzie Elizabeth’s podcast is such a relatable, uplifting podcast especially when you’re in your twenties. She chats reading, mental health, friendships and more.

Style: A mix of interviews and solo episodes

Frequency: Weekly

Length: 30-50 minutes

▶ Listen on Spotify. Listen on Apple Podcasts.

8. Just Glow With It

Jasmine Shah’s podcast is such an uplifting self-care podcast aimed to “guide you on your journey of becoming your best self and manifesting your dream life.” She shares tips for the modern, spiritual and ambitious women.

Style: Mostly solo episodes

Frequency: Weekly

Length: About 30 minutes

Listen on Spotify. Listen on Apple Podcasts.

What’s your favorite hot girl walk podcast? Tell us what you’re listening to in the comments!

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