Stuck In A Rut? Here’s Your 90-day Plan To Get Out Of A Funk

Hands up if you’ve ever been stuck in a rut? You know, going through the motions, day-in, day-out, feeling flat and unmotivated to the point it gets you down. Really down.

Don’t worry; you are not alone. The fact is, that everyone, at some point, will experience being this feeling of helplessness because sometimes, the thought of changing your circumstance seems harder than doing nothing.

So we let ourselves stay in the rut. We stay stuck because we’re afraid of change, afraid we’ll fail or regret our decision. But the truth is, doing nothing is worse.

So, instead of doing nothing, here’s a little something to help you out of that rut.

As with most things in life, planning ahead can get you out of an unfathomable situation.

Focus on the plan and the rest will unfold itself.

Identify what is causing the rut

The first step is to accept the fact that you’re in a rut and identify what is causing it.

It could be a job, your living situation, friends, partner etc. It could be one of those aspects or a few of them irking you at the same time.

Too often, we go along with feeling like we’re in a rut but don’t do anything about it. Make the decision today to do something and you’ve already accomplished something: the willingness to change.

Ask yourself: What do you want to achieve?

Rather than looking at the problem, focus on the solution.

Hate your job? Let’s find a new one. Not getting along with your flatmates? Time to move. Want to lose those last stubborn lbs? Eat less carbs. (ok, that one is definitely easier said than done.)

Write down what you want to achieve and go big. Don’t hold back. Write down your goals. The end goals.

The act of writing it down will in itself be a motivator.

Make an action plan

Ok, we’ve got your goals. Time to put them into an action plan.

Here, your goal is to break the goal down into as many facets and segments as possible.

What are the steps that could realistically achieve in the next 90 days?

Write down all the steps you can think of that will help you achieve your goal. No matter how small, how insignificant they may seem. In fact, the more things you can think of the more prepared you’ll be when it comes to action them.

Do one thing a day

Do one or more things toward your goal per day. At least one thing to check off your list every. single. day. (List lovers can I get a hell yeah?!)

Here’s an example:

Goal: Finding a new job

Actions that need to be taken:

  1. Update your CV/Write a CV
  2. Create a ‘dream job’ description (don’t hold back here either – this is a great way to identify what you like and dislike in a role and will help you in the process)
  3. Create a job finder account on
  4. Set up job notifications on
  5. Create a job finder account on
  6. Set up job notifications on
  7. Google/Research specific job boards in your industry
  8. Make a list of job boards in your industry
  9. Google/Research best recruitment agencies in your industry and location
  10. Make a list of top 10 recruitment agencies to reach out to
  11. Draft an introductory email to recruitment agencies
  12. Send an introductory email to recruitment agencies
  13. Schedule follow up calls to recruitment agencies
  14. Book meetings with recruitment agencies
  15. Make a list of 10+ companies you’d like to work for
  16. Update your Linkedin profile/create a Linkedin profile
  17. Connect with 10+ people each week in your field who work in the list of companies, in similar departments you’re looking for
  18. Google interview preparation questions for your industry
  19. Draft answers to questions based on your experience

That’s a 19-day plan right there.

Every single minute detail and task you need to complete should be on the plan. And it will grow. The more involved you become in achieving your goal, the more detailed your plan will look.  

Don’t neglect the self-care

Practicing self-care will get you that much closer to achieving your goal and getting out of that rut.

Showing love to yourself reminds your body and mind that you are worthy. You deserve to be happy and energized and motivated.

Practice yoga, get out in nature, take baths, enjoy facials, get a hobby, meditate. Do all the good stuff that we don’t make nearly enough time for. It is exactly what we need to help us during those times we’re feeling stuck. For even more of an incentive, add these acts of self-care to your 90-day plan, one every few days (at least.)

Review your accomplishment

Ok, here’s a little prelude to the end of your plan.

Even if you aren’t where you need to be in 90 days, you’ll have gotten so far already and will be on your way to achieving what you want and out of your rut.

Wanna know why? Action is the winning ingredient of your success. It’s that simple and that effective.

So, review how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved but don’t stop here. Keep going.

Once you complete your 90 days and reach your goal, it’s time to make another 90-day plan, with your next set of goals and kick some motivational butt! 

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