8 Things To Do On A Night In

If there’s one thing I love to do it’s having a night in. Sure, nights out are fun and exciting, but sometimes you just need an evening where you can do whatever you feel like, eat whatever you want, and look as ugly as you want, because let’s be real, looking cute in your pajamas only exists on Instagram.

Night-ins are for selfie taking, music listening and completely me-time. It’s for watching funny dog videos on YouTube and for eating that entire bag of crisps you have saved in the back of your coven.

So snuggle up with a blanket and cup of something delicious and be prepared for 8 things to do for your next awesome night in.

Have a Pamper Night

Take a bath, give yourself a facial, and pluck your eyebrows. Paint your nails and give your hair some much needed care. Do all the little beauty things you don’t have time do on a daily basis, and I promise you, you will feel so much better afterwards, and it will boost your confidence. It’s a win-win!

Catch up on your Favorite TV-shows/YouTubers

Every single autumn loads of awesome TV-shows start their brand new seasons, and what better way to spend your night in than catching up on all of them? I can recommend The Big Bang Theory, The X Factor UK, How To Get Away With Murder and Faking It. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. If you’re more into watching YouTube videos or movies on Netflix, there’s loads of new content being put online every single day.

Do a Spot of Organizing

Maybe you don’t want a lazy night on the sofa, but can’t really be bothered to go out and do something either. Organize! I’m sure there’s something in your life that could use an overhaul. Like when was the last time you cleared out your makeup drawer or sorted through your clothes?

Read a Book or a Magazine

Reading is seriously underrated in today’s world. Everything is online (even this post you’re reading right now), and it can be hard to distance yourself from the constant stream of notifications. If you need to de-stress I suggest you turn of your phone and shut out the rest of the world for a few hours, and immerse yourself in a great book or magazine. Paper Towns by John Green is a great book that’s not too heavy, but still very captivating.

Update your Spotify Playlist

Autumn is also the perfect time to update your music library. There are more singles and albums being released every week during Autumn than the entire year all together. That’s pretty insane, and also totally amazing. Create a chill playlist, an upbeat one, a soulful one, and one with all your favorites in one place.


If you need to unwind, why not try a bit of meditating? If you don’t know how to do it, there are lots of apps and YouTube videos that can guide you through it. Same goes for yoga and Pilates. Light exercising is proven to lighten your mood and loosen up after a long day. Plus you will get a few laughs over feeling like a very un-bendy stranded whale. No? Just me? Okay then.


Baking is such a nice thing to do on a night in. It’s a nice way to get creative and do something somewhat active. It’s fun and you have delicious treats for the rest of the evening. Whack on one of the playlists you made earlier and get baking!

Get Inspired!

Read your favorite blogs or discover new ones, go pin crazy on Pinterest, make wish lists or even go all the way and do some online shopping. The internet is full of inspiration and ideas no matter what you’re looking for. Weheartit.com, Pinterest and Instagram are some of my favorite places to get new inspiration and motivation.

So that was 8 things to on a night at home. The possibilities are endless; it all comes down to what YOU want to do on your night in. The most important thing to remember is to leave all the troubles and worries you might have during the day, and forget them that night. If you can’t do anything about it right this second, why worry about it? Enjoy yourself, have some cake, listen to some music, DO WHATEVER YOU LIKE. It’s your night, remember?



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