7 Self-Care Ideas For The Extroverted Woman

If you’re always in a hurry, wrapping up the latest event plan, talking to your teammates regarding an upcoming project, and setting up your BFF’s birthday – chances are that you might be neglecting that very vital part of your day: self-care! Still, you’re not the type to sit in a bathtub or meditate in solitude.

As a people person, someone who thrives on communication and company, an extroverted gal will often do so many things in a day that she might end up postponing something she truly needs. However, the following five ideas are so extrovert-perfect, that you’ll be rushing to make time for them on a regular basis, with or without accomplices!

Make a difference in your community

When you’re drained from work or you simply need to recharge your batteries, the last thing on your mind would be to head home to read a book. Yes, fine, it sometimes feels great, but if you feel invigorated being in the presence of others, then you should indeed find people – and do some good. In fact, by volunteering in your community, whether it’s a soup kitchen, reading to kids in hospitals or spending time with the elderly, you’ll be helping yourself as well.

You’ll connect with new people, exchange experiences, and simply by seeing you’ve made someone’s day, you’ll feel useful, productive, and purposeful.

Have a standing coffee date with your friends

Are there a few of your friends who feel the same about the hectic lifestyle they lead? If they’re also extroverts, then all you may need towards the end of the week (or month, if you’re that busy), is a cup of coffee with each other to hash it all out.

By venting to those who know you so well, sharing your experiences, making each other laugh, you’ll have a “purging” session of chatting, exchanging advice, and letting go of issues to move forward. Nothing will restore your energy quite like reminding yourself of the most important things in life––people you love.

Have a weekly group meditation sesh

You might not be the type to eagerly wait for your hour of alone-time, or performing breathing exercises in the silence of your home, but you can turn that very same, soothing experience into a group activity. If your friends share your enthusiasm, prepare your living room, and bring out your favorite fragrance oils to create the perfect atmosphere, as they are meant to calm your mind and inspire the right mood for a meditation. Put on some soft music in the background, and dim the lights, and you’ll be ready to start in no time!

After you’ve created the dreamiest possible atmosphere, you can all enjoy a guided meditation with the help of a video, or one of you can simply give instructions to focus on your breath and relaxing yourself. You can wrap it up by enjoying a cup of tea together, which will only enhance the entire relaxing ritual.

Treat yourself

What makes you genuinely, limitlessly, overwhelmingly joyful? If it’s travel, take a look at your itinerary for the weekend and book a ticket to somewhere, anywhere you’ve never been before. Discover a new city or a village nearby if you cannot head somewhere too far. If it’s shopping, set aside an entire day or perusing through your favorite malls, antique stores, second-hand stores, or designer shops.

Take up a dance class

There are those days when you wish you had a punching bag at the office, or your kids’ school. However, as brilliant as that idea may sound to extroverts, not too many colleagues or parents would approve. Not all is lost, as you can still enjoy a vigorous workout without actually hitting the weights at the gym, which you’d have to do alone.

Instead, you can join a dance class, whether it’s a tango lesson for the passionate and romantic among you, or pole dance for the sensual acrobats among you – every dance out there has an incredible potential to help you work up a sweat and put a smile on your face. As you learn something new, you’ll force your mind to let go of all worries and find your Hakuna Matata!

Go to the movies

Finally, when there’s absolutely nothing active you’re in the mood for, and you’re so tired you don’t even want to talk, you can invite your friends or family to head to the movies for the latest masterpiece. On the other hand, if you’re up for something different, you can set up a home movie theatre, ask for movie suggestions, and turn it into a full-scale marathon!

Rest assured you’ll forget all about your troubles, replenish your energy, and you’ll feel rejuvenated, happy, and fulfilled after your movie night with your best friends and family.

Tease your brain

Working up a sweat through new, interactive workouts is a wonderful way to recharge. On the other hand, the lack of enthusiasm for getting physical shouldn’t stop you from challenging your own mind! Attending fun workshops where you can hone certain skills, whether it’s baking, knitting, or heading to a shooting range, for that matter, can be wonderful for your mindset.

By working on new skills and knowledge, you’ll instantly feel the joy of accomplishment and strengthen your own self-esteem! Not to mention that you’ll have the chance to discover a new passion you might want to pursue further.

You’re more of a foodie? By all means, treat yourself to a day of “never before have I tasted” meals, from an unusual breakfast with a sweet twist, a midday snack at that new smoothie place, and a delicious dinner. The fewer ingredients you recognize on the list, the better! Give yourself an adventure of a lifetime, even if you’re on your own, but be up and about to see another perspective of your home town and its hidden perks. It will definitely help you start afresh the very next day, brimming with enthusiasm and energy!



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