6 Vision Board Ideas For Crafting Your Dream Life 

With manifestation becoming more and more popular, vision boards have become an easy way to manifest your dreams. There are plenty of different ways to create a vision board than just your typical magazine pictures. Vision boards allow you to be creative and give you the space to think about what you really want in life. 

So here are six vision board ideas that will have you crafting the life of your dreams.

photo credit from @keep502mindful

Classic poster and pictures 

Of course, let’s start with the one and only classic poster with pictures. This is probably the easiest kind of vision board here. Of course, this is what comes to mind when someone says they’ve made a vision board. This board is simple.

Use anything you have to create this. Simply take a poster board any color and size you want some scissors, tape or glue and of course your inspiration pictures. Finding these pictures can be simple. If you have old magazines lying around then use those. If not print out your own or have them printed.

This vision board is quite literally a board and the great thing is you can hang it somewhere you see it every day. 

Our founder Coley’s Pinterest vision board

Digital vision board

Next up is a digital vision board. Surprise surprise, vision boards don’t have to be an actual board. I did a digital vision board this past new year. A digital vision board is awesome because it requires zero supplies. There different ways to go about a vision board, one being Pinterest.

Creating a vision board on Pinterest is easy and fun the only downside is not having something to view every day. There are apps and sites such as Canva and Procreate that allow you to create a digital vision board and download your board. I used mine as my screensaver on my tablet.

Again, one of the ways a vision board works is by seeing it daily and knowing you have to work towards your goals. Having my board as my background allows me to view it every day. 

photo credit: @kalynnicholson13


Again not all vision boards have to be physical boards. I’ve seen people print off pictures and hang them up to combine them into their goals and dreams.

Making a vision board part of your room decorations is great because it not only looks cute but it helps you achieve your goals. I love to see my room be an extension of who I am and having a place where I feel inspired is a part of them.

I use to clip up my polaroid pictures on strings and clothespins but printing off some goal-related pictures and hanging those up is even better. 

photo credit: @themakerheartstudio

Bullet journal vision board 

Bullet journals are a great way to track your growth and give yourself a creative outlet. Creating a vision board in your bullet journal can be very different from the ones mentioned above. Bullet journals are great in that they allow you to tailor your journal to your needs, and putting your vision board there offers the same benefits.

Draw your vision board, take up a page, two pages, three pages as many as you want. Cut out pictures and add them to your journal while doodling on top of them. Get creative and have fun with it. Flipping through your bullet journal allows you to see your vision board daily. You can even add pages next to your vision board to write out your progress towards your goals. 

photo credit: @olive.eeeats

Written board 

Yes, visualization is the purpose of a vision board, but not all people can visualize. A vision board can be what you need it to be. Words, quotes, and phrases can be beneficial to read daily. I love reading quotes that drive and push me to be better. Create a vision board full of words and read them off every day to help push you towards your goals. 

photo credit: @georgiemorley

Theme vision board 

The last way to create a vision board for your goals is a themed vision board. 

A themed vision board is probably something you’ve never thought of but it’s a great way to create a vision for specific goals and dreams. Want to manifest your fitness goals? Or how about a new job and what you want that to look like for you?

Even something as simple as a vision board for the new year can be a themed vision board. If you know exactly what you want to manifest then theme vision boards can be a great fit for you. Use one of the methods above to create your customized themed vision board.

There are plenty of different types of vision boards to fit any type of goal or person. Whichever you decide to go with these boards will give you a daily reminder of what you want in life. I know seeing my goals in front of me every day gives me the fire to keep achieving them and moving forward with them daily. Vision boards are important but don’t forget to work towards whatever you place on these boards. Allow these boards to add fuel to your fire and drive you towards your dreams. 

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