6 Things That Are Destroying Your Work Motivation (and How to Improve It)

All work and no play sure is a mood killer for any kind of worker, but that’s not the only thing that can get your work motivation down and stop you from progressing. It’s not enough to just write down your goals and then start working on them. Although motivation comes from within, there are certain things you do consciously or unconsciously that can lower it.

Fearing failure

People often imagine success as a straight line, but it’s so much more than that. It’s easy to lose sight of your goal and that’s where the great fear comes to the light – the fear of failing. Truth be told, it can be paralyzing but, for starters, remember that taking any step towards your goals is a brave thing to do. Learning from your own mistakes is the best way to learn because it will not only make you stronger but can also help you reveal your true desires and make you see your goals even more clearly.

Paying too much attention to skeptical comments

Skepticism isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it can make you question everything and think about things more thoroughly. But, on the other hand, if skeptical comments other people make stop you from succeeding then it’s time to ask yourself why this negativity bothers you so much. Is it because your own uncertainties or is it something else? Try turning things around in your own favor – think of their skepticism as an expression of worry about you and be thankful but just keep going.

Constantly comparing yourself to others at work

Having role models is fine but only if you don’t compare yourself to them constantly. Accept the fact that there’s always going to be someone more successful than you and learn to live with it. Instead, focus on your own goals and your own ways to get to them. The same goes for competition – some amount of envy is good for your motivation but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that grass is always greener on the other side. Every person is unique and that’s why any comparison is useless. Be who you are and do things at your own pace – and success will come.

Being low on confidence

Getting your confidence back is essential for success and that’s why being low on self-esteem is a real motivation killer. Failing a few times or taking things too slow can impact it seriously but it helps if you focus on what you have already accomplished. If things get serious, you can always ask for professional help. I have consulted a reputable psychologist in Sydney when I had problems at work. There are a lot of institutions that offer counseling to workers, so don’t hesitate to make an appointment. It might help you see things differently and improve your mental health and, therefore, confidence.

Focusing on mistakes and errors

It’s in human nature to take good things for granted and pay too much attention to bad things and then overthink them. The same happens at work, too – no matter how much you’ve accomplished during a single day, week, or month, there’s always going to be something that’s bothering you – something you think you might’ve done better. Well, forget about it – success is a game of trial and errors so it’s only natural to make a few wrong moves. Focus on the good ones instead to achieve your workflow and move on.

Setting the wrong goals

Finally, if you’re motivation is getting weaker by the day, you might want to revise your goals and see if that’s where the problem lies. For starters, make sure they’re realistic and attainable. It’s okay to have a huge goal but be aware of the work that has to be done in order to accomplish it. Break your tasks into minor chunks so that you can accomplish something every day. That will give you the sense of progress and keep your motivation high. Success doesn’t come overnight and once you accept that, you’ll be able to work hard and get to the main prize.

Motivation isn’t something you should search for – it’s already inside of you so you just have to preserve it and make it stronger. Try some of the things mentioned above and see for yourself – it will surely reignite your spark and help you achieve your goals even faster.

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