6 Romantic Experiences To Have This Holiday Season

Could there be a more romantic time of year? The temperatures drop, the impulse to snuggle up to your partner is irrepressible, and you have every reason in the world to light a candle or two. Not to mention all the new, romantic holiday movies coming out and all the classics playing on TV. Don’t let the romance stop there, keep the warmth alive by experiencing some of it yourself. Here are a few ideas to interact and be a part of the romance.

Take a cooking class

The holidays and food go together like peppermint sticks and hot chocolate. Whether you need to sharpen your skills to prepare a family feast or want to make something a little less traditional, a holiday cooking class is a great way to spend time together.

Depending on where you live, you could learn to make anything from traditional (and impressive) Christmas cookies and candies to inventive sushi or advanced molecular gastronomy cuisine.

Winter cruise

You don’t have to go all the way to Venice to enjoy a romantic gondola cruise. You may also not have to go very far at all to catch a dinner or sunset cruise. Whether you live in a warm or cold winter climate, a cruise makes for a great way to experience sparkling waters during the holidays.

Book a honeymoon suite

Maybe it’s been awhile since you were married or maybe you never had a proper honeymoon. Getting away for a while can be a luxurious change of pace. Stay for a weekend or a week and completely indulge in each other’s company.

One caveat: Plenty of great hotels don’t have a honeymoon suite. What do they have? Honeymoon packages. These are usually tied to room with romantic amenities, include special treats in your room when you arrive or an extra day free. They might even add in a meal or a couple’s spa treatment.


The holidays are a busy time for volunteer organizations. You could supervise a charity event, help collect and sort donations, help serve food, answer phones, and much more. From October through the first of the year these organizations are looking for help all over the country.

Romance doesn’t have to be luxurious, romance can be humbling and knowing you’re giving back is really what the Christmas spirit is about.

Take a Christmas tour

Lots of towns and cities offer tours of local homes that have been all dressed up for the holidays. The maps are usually free and found in community centers and libraries. No map? You could bundle up and take a nice, romantic stroll around the neighborhood and look at all the Christmas lights, too.

If you prefer to travel, some of the best places to look at lights include Richmond, Va; Brooklyn, NY; Clifton, OH; Denver, CO; and Austin, TX.

Book a helicopter

This year you could take your holiday getaway to a whole new level. Not only will a helicopter ride provide you with amazing views but also if you’re really into the holiday spirit it could provide the perfect backdrop for next year’s card.

Make this experience extra romantic by combining it with a picnic in an unbelievable locale at sunset. Helicopter experiences can be booked in all parts of the country be it Las Vegas, Washington DC, or the Grand Canyon.

Though staying in for the holidays sounds lovely, getting out and sharing a new experience with your partner, whether it’s locally or on holiday, can give your relationship a big boost. No matter what type of relationship you’re in, whether you prefer a candle-lit dinner or a hiking trip through the snow covered woods, there’s a romantic holiday experience for you.

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