5 Tips For Passing Your Finals and Surviving Your Last Weeks of College

Being in my senior year, I am so ready to not be doing school work anymore. I am sure many of you feel the same way, whether you are a senior or just excited for summer. Spring time brings the slacker out in all of us. The sun comes out and we want to be out too!

Well, never fear because I have five tips on how to make the most of your senior year and also pass your finals. ‘Cause lets be honest; we all want out of school, but we don’t want to fail out of school.

Work on time management

This can be tough. But you have GOT to plan out your days as much as you can. Not plan as in refuse spontaneous trips to the river with your friends because you planned to be job hunting at this point. BUT plan as in, when you know nothing exciting is going to be happening, really get stuff done. If you wake up and it looks dreary outside, plan for that to be a day where you get a lot of work done. Because then when it’s beautiful the next day, you will be ready for those spontaneous trips with your friends.

Also look far ahead in your schooling schedule and do the work that will be due soon, but also do work that is due the following weeks! The more you get done on boring days, the less stressful fun days will be!

Ask for help

If you are in a group project and you feel like you are falling behind on your portion of the work, ask for help! Ask your teammates and teachers questions so that when you sit down to crank out some quality material, you will know exactly what needs to be done. AND you will only have to do it once.

If you are a senior, like me, and applying for jobs, it can be tough to set aside time to actually get that done. But I am sure you have a teacher in your department that you know and trust. Go to them and ask them to help you figure something out so that you apply where you want and on time. They can also look over your resume and make sure it is in top shape for those future employers.

Don’t procrastinate

This is kind of similar to number 1, but different because doing things when you plan to do them will make your fun day and night trips a lot more enjoyable. Don’t let things wait until the last minute, otherwise you are going to be stuck having to choose between doing a project due the next day or doing something fun with your friends outside. No one wants to have to make that choice, the FOMO will be very real. Trust me.

Join/Make study groups

I’m hoping this never happens to you, but sometimes it is unavoidable to have to miss a friend outing because of school work. That is OKAY! Make some friends in class and suggest meeting to study or work on your project together. This way, you might be missing out on some fun with you friends, but you won’t be hauled up in your room alone all day. You could suggest meeting outside on campus, or sitting outside a Starbucks, because DUH free wifi. Either way, allowing yourself these little bits of happiness and freedom will make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable!

Have fun!

Don’t let the stress get to you. The more you stress, the less enjoyable your last few weeks will be. You should enjoy school, not completely rush through it. So take the time to learn a little bit, because it might be useful in the long run.

But also, have fun with your friends, because we are only in college once. And we aren’t here for very long!

Your guide to surviving finals week in college - lifegoalsmag.com

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