5 Tips For Crafting Intentional Phone Boundaries

Sometimes it seems like the days of waking up to the light pouring through the window and enjoying the sunrise have been replaced by the artificial screen light of our phones reflecting onto our face. It seems that for more and more people, the number of minutes — and hours — spent with their eyes glued to their phone increases with every passing day.

If you find yourself seemingly addicted to this compact piece of technology,  you may be missing out on a certain sense of fulfillment we all crave. Fortunately, change is possible. Check out this list of tips to help you manage your cellphone addiction and learn to find a higher degree of joy in your everyday life.

Don’t discount the fact that you can change

If you’re reading this article with the mentality that change is possible, you’re off to a great start. But if you’re already telling yourself that there’s no way you can curb your phone addiction, you’ll need to reshape your thinking before you expect any meaningful change to occur.

Anyone struggling to remain optimistic should practice reaching a positive mindset by doing simple acts such as using failed experiences as a learning lesson or staying focused on the present.

Remember that nobody is hopelessly tied up into their phone — including you. While it may take a bit of grit and perseverance, change is possible. The key to success is to remain positive and pace yourself along the way.

End mindless internet browsing

Do you whip out your cell phone every second that you’re unoccupied? If you begrudgingly admit that you do, you’re not alone. Research studies show nearly 62% of people use their cell phones to pass the time while waiting.

But the problem with the tendency to spend your spare time browsing through your emails or checking in on Twitter is that this act quickly transforms from minutes into hours spent looking at your phone. Even though you vow to check your social media while you wait for your friend to get ready, you may find yourself keeping your Facebook tab open the rest of the night.

Replace these everyday moments of inactivity with minutes of mindfulness rather than phone use. When you’re in the line at the café, strike up a conversation with a stranger. If you’re waiting for your partner to get ready for your date tonight, take your dog for a quick walk around the park instead.

When you interact with the world around you rather than turning your attention toward your phone, you’ll gradually find that you’re happier with putting devices in your pocket — and keeping them there.

Make your room a no-phone zone

Once you hit the bed, your phone seems almost methodically to land with you. Whether you’ve just returned home from a long day and want to check up on your social media feed or can’t help but squeeze in a few more hours of Fortnite from the comforts of your bed, there’s no harm in using your phone right before you call it a night. Right? Well, not entirely.

The blue light emitted from screens — namely that of cell phones — can interfere with your circadian rhythms and make it difficult for you to fall asleep.

Curbing your phone addiction may start by getting a more restful night of sleep — which means keeping your cell phone out of your bedroom entirely. Charge your phone in another room to detox from your technology for the night with ease.

Turn your notifications off (and airplane mode on)

The second you hear a “ding,” notification, you can’t focus on anything but what caused this sound on your phone. Notifications are your phone’s way of saying, “Pay attention to me. I have something to say.” The trick to silencing this voice is by turning your notification alerts off and your airplane mode on.

Turning on airplane mode will provide you the comfort of still having your phone handy throughout the day, just minus the distracting notifications. When you reduce the urgency to check your phone throughout the day, you’ll successfully condition yourself to fixate more on your everyday life and less on your technology.

Are you ready to curb your phone addition? When you look back on your life, your fondest memories won’t consist of the apps you played or the social media updates you checked up on throughout the day. When you follow the simple tips outlined above, you’ll find it easier to transform your life.

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