5 Questions With Jessica Dimas On Self-Care And Law Of Attraction

Jessica Dimas is a self-care and spirituality blogger with a love for law of attraction.

She lives in Arizona with her husband and two sons.

We find her inspiring and are constantly checking out her blog at jessicadimas.com, so we asked her to answer the following 5 questions to get to know her better.

1. How did you discover your love for spirituality and self-care?

A few years ago, I was going through a really hard time. My husband had lost his job and I was at home with our toddler, as well as pregnant with our second baby. Everything that could go wrong was going wrong! Not only were were we in financial trouble, but everything in my life was coming to a head; I was tired of feeling scared, unlucky, stressed out, and like a victim.

My husband and I watched the documentary, The Secret, one night and I was literally never the same again. Something about the message in The Secret, which was that your thoughts create things, resonated with me and felt more true than anything I’d ever believed in prior.

I began reading everything I could on the subject, journaling, dreaming, and visualizing my life the way I wanted it to be instead of fearing what the next day would bring. This led me down a path of deep spirituality and closeness with the Universe, and from there I began realizing that regular self-care was the portal to spirituality.

I was taking time out of my day to be mindful, de-stress, and focus on positive intentions. My life really did a 180 that summer.

2. What does your morning routine and evening routine look like?

My morning routine consists of a cup of coffee in a pretty mug, a few books, and a morning worksheet. If you follow me on Instagram, every morning I share my morning routine and snippets of what I’m reading that I find inspiring to reflect on.

After I finish reading a few pages out of my books, I fill out one of my morning worksheets (all of my products come with one!). Basically I write down the top 3 ways I intend to feel that day, 10 things I’m grateful for, anything I want to accomplish for the day, and then I do a quick visualization for the day; picturing the perfect day in my mind.

My evening routine starts with a shower and dim lighting. I really prefer to have dim lighting throughout my house at night as opposed to overhead lighting because I find that it effectively lowers stress and stimulation from the day. I listen to something inspiring while I shower, usually YouTube recordings of Abraham-Hicks.

On my nightstand I have an essential oil diffuser and one of my favorite oils to diffuse is peppermint because it’s really refreshing and de-stressing. I also have a Himalayan salt lamp and small lights around my bed that help make my bedroom feel like a quiet retreat from the world.

Before I go to sleep, I either listen to a guided meditation (these are my favorite), or if I’m really tired I’ll just think of 10 awesome things that happened that day and then visualize anything that I’m wanting to experience in life.

3. What are three things that inspire you and three things that make you feel confident/powerful?

Things that inspire me:

1. Abraham-Hicks
2. Reading spiritual books (one of favorites is Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley)
3. Going phone free as much as I can

Things that make me feel powerful/confident:

1. Watching my intentions manifest
2. Wearing clothes that I love and that feel good
3. Spending time alone with myself every week

4. Can you tell us about how the law of attraction has impacted your life?

The law of attraction has changed my life so completely. The biggest impact was the complete turn around in my financial situation. When my husband lost his job and we had no income and lots bills to pay, I began visualizing what I wanted instead. I was brand new to the law of attraction, but every day for about 5 minutes I would see my husband in my mind getting ready for work, taking phone calls and kissing me bye every morning. I pictured myself going shopping without any worry and without having to check if we had any money in our account. Within three months, my life had become what I had been visualizing.

I remembering being in awe and disbelief, and I still am when I think about it to this day. Sometimes I play little games where I’ll tell the Universe to show me something specific. The other day I specified seeing a quarter on the ground and a few hours later when I was scrolling through Facebook, there was an article and the main photo was of a quarter on the ground.

5. What is something that you’ve been pondering lately?

Something I’ve been pondering lately has been the meaning and causes behind ruts. Those times when you don’t feel excited for anything or inspired because you’re just going with the motions of life. And then I get more stressed because I feel like I’m letting life slip by.

The other day I heard Abraham-Hicks say that when those times happen, it’s because your higher self has expanded into what you’ve become, but you’re in some way resisting the expansion. Once you just allow and let go, you’ll come out of the rut and feel inspired again.

And how do you do that? For me, I’ve found that the more quiet I become, the easier it is to drop any subconscious resistance. Lose the phone, sit outside in silence, pet your dog or cat, meditate, do yoga…and the resistance will naturally start to fall away.

You can find Jessica at jessicadimas.com and on Instagram.

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