5 Goals to Achieve Within Your First Year of Your New Job

You nailed your interview and landed a new job! Congratulations!  Your post-interview nerves will now be replaced with newbie jitters…and this is totally normal!  But when starting a new job there are a few goals to keep in mind, especially during your first year.  These goals will help you stay on track, stand out and help you score the next job that comes along (odds are you won’t be there forever).  They will even eliminate the newbie jitters that will go away after a month or so, I promise.

Listen and learn

So you were an account manager at your last job and you have the same title at this new company.  This does not mean the same rules apply.  The worst thing you can do is act like you know everything.  Even if the product or industry is relatively the same, companies operate differently.  Yes, take what you’ve learned from past positions and apply them, but listen to your new leaders.  You’ll come across more likable and be respected by your colleagues.  You’ll also learn new techniques, and approaches to your work, but if you find that you aren’t learning anything new, the job may not be challenging enough for you.

Network, network…and network

It’s easy to stay within your side of the office among your team, but its helpful to expand beyond your social surroundings.  Get to know other departments and how those individuals contribute to the company.  Who knows, you may find a mentor, a friend or a future professional reference.  There may even be a project that could use your input, talk about a milestone!

Remind your boss why they hired you

During your first year at you new job, its critical to prove your worth.  It’s in this time frame that your boss will get a sense of your work ethic and what you are really capable of.  Yes, they hired you, but show them that you are can do even more than they expected.  Quickly set the tone for the type of professional you are and it will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

Tally your career highlights

Did you just save the company money?  Implement new projects?  Gain new clients?  Keep track of it all!  When its time to make another career move, career highlights like this will separate you from the pack of other candidates. It’s the icing on the cake and the extra sprinkles on top that make a big difference. Add these highlights to your LinkedIn immediately so you won’t forget. I don’t care what kind of job you have, there is something to always be proud of that’s worth mentioning.

Be friendly

We always remember the pleasant people we work with: the ones who always appear to have a good day, say hello to everyone and are just nice to be around. Be one of these people. You never know who is watching. I was recruited from last job by a former employee I maybe worked closely with twice because of my pleasant demeanor. We all want to work with people who put a smile our face. It’s infectious.

What everyday goals are you setting in your career? 

Career tips: Goals to achieve in your first year in your new job.

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