5 Essential Road Trip Tips for New Lovers

Road trips are considered the ultimate relationship test. If you can withstand being stuck together in a car for hours on end, during traffic jams, bad weather and late night drives, you can expect to grow old together. But even in the beginning when everything is new and fresh, you’re best off giving it a helping hand to have it stay that way. With these tips, you’re sure to come out of a road trip together in one piece.

Decide on the music – before you go

Before you go, decide on the music. Trust me; the right music is crucial when spending hours together in the car. Silence is deadly, so is the wrong music. He likes house and you’re a rock chick? Turn to the golden oldies you grew up with and I’ll bet you you’ll find common ground there. Or find a good radio channel that plays a good mix of both of your favourite music. It’s best to sort this out before you step into the car so you can gather the CDs, download the Spotify playlists or update your iTunes. Plus that way you’ll avoid arguing about music in the car.

Pack food and drinks

Nothing is a better breeding ground for a fight than an empty stomach. So be sure to pack the backseat with your favourite snacks. It saves you from having to buy expensive foods along the roadside. Bonus: you can feed your driving lover, making sure he has enough energy to keep driving.  And if you get stuck in traffic, you don’t have to worry about going hungry. Low blood sugar won’t be an issue!

Make the traffic jam fun

Stuck in traffic on your way to your destination? Why not try spotting that car you want to save up for. Try finding the one what you both love, or one that you both hate. And if all else fails, and you’re standing still for hours, roll down the windows put your feet up and treat it like a picnic. Have a snack, turn up the music and enjoy not being on the clock. It’s your holiday – just relax.

Be supportive

Is your lover driving and finding him or herself in a tough traffic situation? Now is not the time to comment on his or her driving. And whatever you do, don’t correct them. This will only stress them out more, resulting in dangerous situations. Instead, be supportive, stay awake, keep an extra eye out, just in case, ask them what kind of music they want to hear and what would calm them down (if it’s not your kind of music – suck it up for this time.) Just don’t add to the stress of driving and give a nice back rub afterwards. He will thank you for it!

Take breaks and go for a walk

They say take a break every two hours for at least 15 minutes. But why not try to find interesting places to visit around every scheduled stop? Stretch your legs while visiting a museum, cathedral, or castle. It’s great to break up the travel time, gives you something to look forward to, something to talk about after and gives you the much-needed fresh air to continue the drive after.

But most importantly, enjoy your time together. Sitting together in a car for hours on end is the best relationship test you can have – and you see some stunning views in the process. It’s a place where inside jokes between the two of you develop, you find common ground, and get to spend uninterrupted time together without daily life interfering. So bring out the maps, get the snacks, and plan a trip this summer.

Tips on how to make your road trip the best ever with your new romance or long-time boyfriend.
Tips on how to make your road trip the best ever with your new romance or long-time boyfriend.
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