4 Halloween Treats That Won’t Sabotage Your Health

Halloween: It’s all fun and games until you get tricked by a treat. In your defense, it’s hard to say no when you’re faced with seasonal sweets — but that’s why you need to prepare in advance.

You can easily whip up one of the following four snacks and bring it to your next Halloween party or workplace gathering. That way, you’ll know there’s at least one health-conscious option on the menu, and a table full of sugary snacks won’t be able to derail you.

Now, get out there and enjoy the spookiest time of the year with these recipes:

Sweet Potato Pudding

Pumpkin gets all of the attention, but sweet potatoes bring just as much of that warm fall flavor. On top of that, they’re full of many great nutrients, such as fiber, beta-carotene and vitamins, especially vitamin A.

In order to whip up this sweet potato pudding, you’ll first need to bake the sweet potatoes to soften them up. Then, whip them into a creamy pudding-like consistency with a food processor. Almond milk, vanilla and nutmeg add a bit of sweetness to the mixture that you’ll then pour into mason jars. Finally, a dollop of mascarpone cheese will finish off each serving, which you can scoop into small mason jars for ultimate fall festiveness.

Dark Chocolate-Covered Apples

Fall fairs and carnivals are the perfect places to pick up a caramel or candied apple, but beware: You’re going to end up eating a ton of sugar, which can have a plethora of side effects that aren’t good for your body.

Whip up your own batch of dark chocolate-covered apples, though, and you’ll have a sweet treat that’s guilt-free. The fruit-and-chocolate combination floods your body with antioxidants that can improve heart health. Simply skewer apples with wooden sticks and dip them into melted dark chocolate.

Jack-O-Lantern Fruit Cups

Not only do oranges happen to have the colors of Halloween, but they’re also a bit easier to carve than pumpkins. Cut around the top of your orange so you can remove the pieces inside. Then, use a knife to cut a face into the front of your orange peel.

Fill the empty jack-o-lantern with other fresh, sliced fruit. Make a few and bring them to a party — we bet you’ll have the most festive plate of all.

Hummus Patch

Not every Halloween snack has to be sweet. In fact, your party table might be a bit too one-sided if it’s full of sweets and sweets alone.

Here’s one adorable way to get some savory snacks onto your table: Cover the bottom of a serving plate with a thick layer of hummus. Once that’s done, use wooden toothpicks to put a parsley leaf over a scallion, and put those over a circular carrot slice.

Finally, dip your skewers into the hummus so they’re standing upright and voila — you have your very own edible pumpkin patch.

Treats, No Tricks

These are just a handful of the many creative and good-for-you snacks you can whip up for your next fall or Halloween party. With even one platter on hand, you’ll know you have the ability to make the right choice — no tricks, all treats.

Healthy halloween treats for your costume party!

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