3 Self-Care Practices To Connect To Your Cervix

Most of us know what a cervix is only in the context of something ‘going wrong’ down there. We may associate our cervix with STIs like HPV, or abnormalities like cervical dysplasia. And while all of these associations are real and true, that isn’t only what our cervix is about.

The cervix is not a place in our body that is to be feared and ignored. Our cervix is a magical, sacred place in our female pelvis that I liken to a portal. It is, in essence, the portal between the outside world and our inner world (our womb). The vaginal canal is but a collapsed tube and the only barrier between your inner-space and our outside reality is this special doorway – the cervix. 

Our cervix holds the codes of life and death within our female body. It is the place through which semen enters into the uterus in order for conception to occur, and is what dilates to allow for babies to be birthed through. The cervix is the portal that opens up to allow menstrual blood to flow through, as well as abortion and miscarriage blood. 

Our cervix is also the termination point of one of the most powerful nerve-pathways in our body: the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is one of the 12 cranial nerves which emerge from the base of our skull and snakes its way through most major places in our body such as the trachea, heart, lungs, uterus, and terminates one the face of the cervix. What does this mean? Well, through our cervix we are able to connect to all these other places in our body – just through interaction and a focus of healing all on this one body part. 

These are but two of the plethora of reasons as to why it’s highly important for those with female bodies to focus on their cervical wellness in order to wholly and completely actualize health and empowerment in their bodies and lives. Without incorporating our cervix into our health regime and embodiment practices, we’re missing on a critical component of what it means to be empowered as a female. Our cervix is the missing link to it all. 

It’s time we remember our cervix. 

Here are three practices you can begin right now to invite your cervix into your daily routine in order to activate its power within you:

  1. Bring your awareness to your lower pelvis, and send breath there as often as you can remember. Very often we live life in our heads and upper bodies, and the more often we can remember to embody our entire torso, the cervix included, the more we’re able to capitalize on the incredible power our body holds (which can transform our lives in an instant). 
  2. Touch your cervix yourself, with your own hands, for the purpose of connection. This isn’t to bring pleasure or to check cervical fluid (if you use a fertility awareness-based method of cycle charting). This is with the sole purpose of establishing a mind-body connection with your cervix, yourself. How many medical providers and lovers have touched your cervix? Now it’s our turn. For ourselves and personal empowerment. 
  3. Shimmy and shake your hips, or twerk, as often as you can fit it in your daily routine. We live in a culture that sits way too much, and this leads to energetic stagnation of the pelvis. Our cervix loves to have lots of blood flowing in and around it, and the best way to make this happen is to move those hips! So pop on your favorite song and focus your movement in your pelvis. Incorporate invitation #1 and you’ll be sure to awaken your cervix within your body.

Healing our cervix is all about connection, and if you are experiencing abnormal pap smears or anything ‘wrong’ in your cervix, these three invitations will 100% help you in determining the next best steps for you and your body. Listen to the subtle messages of your body as you engage in these invitations, and trust that what comes up for you is only for healing. 

Know that your cervix loves you and wants nothing more than to be healthy and well. It’s time that we with female bodies remember the sacred power of our cervix and relinquishes the fear we have of this amazing organ. Your cervix is beautiful and powerful, and you are worthy of being deeply and profoundly connected to this amazing place in your pelvic bowl. This is our birthright.

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