Guys, I’ve been commuting to work over 4 hours a day for the last two months. And I’ve been enjoying it.

I’m pausing for the shock factor. Who actually enjoys four hours of driving? I wouldn’t say I love it, but I’m definitely not hating it. The only reason that it hasn’t been a miserable experience is because of podcasts. Endless podcast listening. I’ve actually been writing this post for a couple of weeks now, trying to really narrow down my favorite podcasts, and give to you the best recommendations possible. I’ve probably listened to over 25 different podcasts and I’m truly into at least a dozen of them.

Here are the best of the best podcasts in the self-growth category that I’ve listened to so far and I hope you give them a listen.

The Lively Show

Jess Lively’s podcast is life changing. If I could only recommend one podcast, this would be it. She is a self-growth queen. She teaches you how to live with intention, get away from listening to your ego, and trust your intuition. She interviews all kinds of entrepreneurs and inspiring people. I love every single episode and you can tell she gives her podcasts serious dedication. I’m so impressed with her and I love her YouTube vlogs as well. Listen here or on iTunes.

Start with: Mimi Ikonn interview, Brene Brown interview

Let it Out

The Let it Out podcast is by Katie Dalebout and it’s all about wellness and working on yourself. She recovered from an eating disorder and talks a lot about that and other self-improvement areas. She interviews awesome, inspirational people and I’ve discovered a few other podcasts from her, which is amazing. She also does really fun mini-episodes called Katie WONDERS where she talks about her favorite things of the month. Those are always a lot of fun to listen to and I always get great recommendations from her.

There is something so rare about Katie’s podcast that I haven’t been able to find with any other podcast. She is so relatable to the point where you feel like you’re best friends the moment you hear her speak. She’s around my age (25) and just released a book about journaling. She definitely inspires me. My only complaint is that she tends to ramble on for quite a bit in the beginning of each podcast and it takes awhile for her to jump into the interviews. Regardless, it’s always a great listen and I’ve powered through at least twenty episodes so far.

Start with: All Katie WONDERS episodes and Lucy Bourchier Finding Your Voice & Living Your Passion

The Brave Exchange

One of the podcasts that I discovered through The Wellness Wonderland is The Brave Exchange, hosted by Lucy Bourchier. Her podcast is all about lifestyle, creativity, mindset, blogging, and business. Lucy is an amazing conversationalist. She asks the right questions and makes the conversation flow so easily with her guests. She’s Australian and has an amazing accent and voice that I could listen to forever. I don’t think the podcast is running any longer and I can’t seem to download them anymore for some reason, but you can still listen on iTunes. 

Start with: Social anxiety to inner confidence

The Chalene Show

I first discovered Chalene at random on Periscope and I loved her energy right away. She’s a health and fitness expert and she kind of kicks my butt into gear. She’s definitely the one that motivates me the most out of all the podcasts I’ve been listening to. She points out things that I never even thought were huge problems in my life. 

One episode in particular of hers really impacted me and it was about shyness. She pointed out how shyness is rude and it sort of changed my perspective on it. I would recommend at least giving that one a listen if you’ve always identified as a shy person. It’s seventeen minutes and it’s a good one. Even if you don’t end up agreeing with her, it’ll give you some perspective on how other people view you when you act reserved and shy. She also has a separate podcast with business tips if you’re interested in that area as well. 

Start with: Motivate your partner to do that thing, Confidence in any situation

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Happier is one of the first self-growth podcasts I ever listened to, a year or two ago. Gretchen Rubin is a best-selling author of The Happiness Project and most recently, Better Than Before. She does the podcast with her sister, Elizabeth, a TV writer and talks a lot lately about the four tendencies. I won’t go into any details with that, but if you love personality quizzes, you should take the tendencies quiz. Each podcast gives you tips on how to be happier and I always come away feeling inspired.

Start with: Power hour, Marathoners vs Sprinters

Dear Sugars

I watched Wild, but that’s about all I really knew about Cheryl Strayed. I had heard of this podcast for a while, but only just recently got around to listening to it. I’m addicted, friends. I believe podcast is based on an advice column that she used to run. She and her podcast partner receive letters asking for advice and thus, they give advice. It reminds me of the days I used to have silly advice columns as a kid (which is really hilarious when I think about it. What the heck did I know at 11?) They have amazing perspectives and I find myself nodding along when they give their opinions. Some episodes are fairly heavy, but they help you see what some people out there are going through. 

Start with: The Past is Present – warning: this one is pretty heavy, but so good.

The Edge

Okay so it’s not technically a podcast, but you can find Tony Robbin’s “The Edge” on Spotify in the car so it basically counts. Tony Robbins is the ultimate powerhouse of self-improvement. I think almost everyone in the industry of self-development knows the ins and outs of Tony’s work. This tape (or playlist) for me was my first true introduction to Tony Robbins. I heard of him a lot before this and had heard him talk in an interview before, but this was my first true glimpse into his work. He’s definitely not for everybody, because he’s very enthusiastic and forward. But definitely give him a listen if you haven’t yet. You’ll notice a lot of “gurus” have been inspired by his work.

Search: Anthony Robbin’s The Edge on Spotify

Love Life with Matthew Hussey

Okay, so I’m not even single, and I’m in love with Matthew Hussey’s podcast for single ladies looking for love. His British accent is out of this world seductive. Accents, I’m telling you, they really do something to me. He’s a dating guru who shares little tips (episodes are less than 10 minutes long) for how to get the guy. I would recommend listening to his episode on The Lively Show (where I was first introduced to him). He says things that you think, “wow, that makes so much sense” after listening to it, but you may not have thought of it quite that way before he said it. I would give a listen to his podcast even if you’re taken. It gives you some perspective on our dating culture and helps you understand men a little more. Plus, you’ll enjoy just listening to his adorable British accent.

Start with: The Lively Show with Matthew Hussey and start with any of his directly on his podcast. They’re so short and sweet.

You’ll definitely come away with something from all of these podcasts. Let us know if you give any of them a listen and tell us what you think.

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Best podcasts for self growth and becoming your best self.



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  • Thanks for sharing these Coley! I have to travel almost 3 hours a day now so I was looking for some great podcasts. I will definitely check these out! x

    • Yay! Let me know what you think Valerie. I definitely have been going through A LOT of them. Always interested in more recommendations too, if you have any! :)

      • I’ve listened to two podcasts so far: Magic Lessons from Elizabeth Gilbert and #Girlboss Radio from Sophia Amoruso. I loved them both but I think I like the one from Gilbert a little bit more as it has some really great life and creativity related advice in it!

  • Thank you so much for sharing + including TLS among these other great podcasts — I love your list of faves myself, too!! : )


    • Awesome! I’m fan-girling over the fact that you commented! I’m probably going to do a post about all the things I’ve learned from The Lively Show, because it’s been such a great addition to my life. So amazing. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Katie Dalebout

    Thanks so much for including me on this list! I’ll try to ramble a bit less in the intro, thanks for the great feedback! ;-) xo

  • I freakin’ love Matthew Hussey! I always watch his youtube videos but didn’t know he had a podcast! I’ll definitely have to check that one out xx

    • Oh man! I definitely need to watch the YouTube videos, because I don’t think I have yet! I could listen to his voice forever!

  • Thank you so much for sharing TLS and the Matthew Hussey episode, too. I totally agree, his show is brilliant. : )


  • Jenna Yoder

    Can’t wait to check these out!

  • Marah Elizabeth

    This list is great. I’m subscribed to Happier with Gretchen Rubin and have listened to Wellness Wonderland (I agree, she rambles a lot at the beginning but she warms up and dives in nicely). However, I hadn’t heard of the Lively Show, and I am obsessed with personal development so I just subscribed to it. One podcast I was surprised wasn’t on here is the Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo – every single episode touches you in some way or another. She covers so many different topics – I find it as an invaluable resource. Cheers to long commutes and great podcasts to pass time!

    • How funny that you mention the Life Coach School podcast as it is actually one of my favorites. I think I must have started listening to it after making this list. I’ll probably have to create an updated list soon! :)

  • Awesome share! I’m confused about how to access podcasts, but I’d love to follow these and make myself better.