Meet the Fam

Coley Lane


Coley is the Editor-in-Chief of Life Goals Mag. She lives in Los Angeles and works in digital media for a non-profit in Long Beach. She is obsessed with corgis and iced coffee. She hopes to inspire millennials to work towards being the best version of who they already are.


Lehuanani is a young woman with hopes of impacting the lives of millennial woman, their relationship with mental health and their body. She is currently working towards her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology: Marriage Family Therapy.

Alysha Parker

Alysha is a professional event planner, self development enthusiast and blogger based in the New York City area. She is also a volunteer at Bottomless Closet, an organization that helps disadvantaged New York City women become self sufficient through various advancement programs. Alysha produces electronica music, is pretty badass at karaoke and appreciates a good cup of coffee.


Ariana is an Educational Technology Specialist, who loves working and helping students succeed. She is incredibly passionate about helping others become the best possible version of themselves. If she's not watching Gilmore Girls you can find her at the local coffee shop with a soy latte in her hand.'

Bernadette Moore

Bernadette Moore is an online group and in person (one-on-one) personal trainer. She lives in Sidney, Mt and grew up in Weiser, Id. Both small towns, in the middle of nowhere, with great communities. She is the middle child of 9 kids, which was as crazy as it sounds like it would be. She tends to be on the “Bossy side” and has an entrepreneurial spirit. A workaholic but also loves down time with her little family made up of her boyfriend and australian shepherd. Outside of those things, she is passionate about teaching women and showing them ways to live healthy in a sustainable way (without any fads and gimmicks). She strives to build an empowering community of women who focus on health, strength, personal growth, and self love above all else.'

Bre Gaul

Breanna is a part-time blogger and a full-time student in her final year of college in Oregon. She is a California raised girl who enjoys Disney, coffee and ice cream, preferably all at the same time. She is an avid Steven King reader and a sucker for a good motivational quote. A nerd at heart, she is excited to share her world through her writing.

Brittany Wright

Brittany lives in Charleston, SC where she is a freelance writer and works in digital media. In her free time she enjoys going to the beach, taking naps and eating cheeseballs. Her dream is to meet people of every culture and use her writing to educate herself and others on each culture to bring people together.

Corinne Keating

Corinne is a Philly based health and wellness writer, blogger, and life enthusiast. She enjoys coffee, hiking, and a good book. Her life goal is to help others achieve their happiest and healthiest self, something she also works toward everyday.


Emily is a freelance graphic designer living in Richmond, Virginia. She has an entrepreneurial spirit, continuously pursuing new projects and collaborations with other designers, writers, and artists around her. When she's not designing, she's exploring and blogging about her new home city, planning new adventures, and reading as many books as possible.

Heather Rines

Heather Rines is the girl behind Flair Forever, a fashion and lifestyle blog that focuses on living with a positive mindset and learning to appreciate every day. She shares her passion of fashion, music, travel, fitness, and everything in-between that’s good for your soul! When she's not blogging, she's working at an advertising agency as a Content Marketing Manager in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Jacalyn Beales

Jacalyn is a freelance writer and content creator with a focus on environmental conservation and sustainable living. When she's not busy crafting beautiful content, you can find her hitting the trails and exploring the great outdoors.

Kaitlin Dunning

Kaitlin Dunning is a marketing consultant, entrepreneur, and digital illustrator. She currently resides in Washington, D.C. and has had the pleasure of calling Tampa, London, and NYC home. She is passionate about people (including the four-legged furry variety) and digital design, firmly believing that when you combine art and technology, you can truly create magic.

Kate Harveston

Kate Harveston is a recent college graduate pursuing a career as an online journalist. If you like her writing, you can find more of it here at Life Goals Mag, or visit her personal blog, Only Slightly Biased.'

Kate McGunagle

Kate McGunagle is a freelance writer, editor, and mindfulness blogger. Her blog (A Lighter Earth at focuses on conscious living and sustainability. A graduate of Princeton University and Boston University, she recently moved to the northwest of the U.S. to become a yoga instructor, launch her writing career, and build an off-grid tiny house in the mountains. 

Lindsay Schroeder

Lindsay Schroeder is a spiritual coach, light worker, reiki therapist, intuitive healer. and Divine Feminine practitioner. Her work focuses on connecting women with their Divine Feminine - that soft, divine, juicy feminine aspect. Her brand, Our & Are, provides spiritual & wellness 60/90 day coaching programs. Her comprehensive approach to wellness & spiritual connection includes consulting, crystal guidance trips, healing circles, moon circles, guided meditations, rituals creation, and much more.

Mariaelisa Lichoa

Mariaelisa is a writer from South Florida with a passion for personal wellness and self-care, travel, and studying the human mind. She's a spunky 21-year-old who is well beyond her years - yet confidently embracing the "figuring out" stage of being young and self-employed. When not writing or doing yoga, Mariaelisa is usually at the beach or curled up with a good book and a cup of coffee.'

Megan Salavantis

A happy girl at heart, Megan is a college junior overwhelmed by the beauty and possibilities of life. Her biggest passion is finding new ways to live an inspired and fulfilled life, while encouraging others to the same. If she's not furiously clicking away on her keyboard, you will find her drinking coffee, laughing, and dreaming of wearing high heels to work. You can follow her adventures on her lifestyle blog,

Monika Pietrowski

Monika is a digital nomad with a passion for business and wellness. Originally from Melbourne, Australia she loves chasing the summer finding new ways to nurture the body and mind. She is the cofounder of a content marketing agency, an avid yogi and the voice behind mymonpie. She believes morning routines are crucial and hers is pretty solid.


Nina is an account manager at a sales firm in the OC. She is entrepreneurial minded and always focused on personal development. As a spiritual yogi, she believes in holistic living and an integrated mind, body, and spirit. Not afraid to discuss taboo topics and her love life, she is a hopeless romantic and our dating guru here at LGM.

Ramey Miller

Ramey is a lover of people. She's an ombuds, and the creator of rundeep, a holistic running and life coaching program. People have referred to her as a professional encourager, but know her mostly for her coffee loving, book reading, fun-loving, self. She values exploring life through sailing, traveling, and running, all while living in Springfield, IL with her dog, Cooper. Checkout her business at, and don't be shy!


My name is Ronja and I am living in Berlin, Germany. Three years ago as I started blogging, I realized that my true passion lies in helping others to live an empowered life by writing, my blog and sharing my story. Ever since I've been committed to share my story and help others to unlock their magic and create a life they truly love. I believe that we all have our unique story to tell and it is time we find ways out of all the limiting beliefs that are holding us back and begin write that story.

Sarah Walsh

Sarah Michelle Walsh is writer and blogger focused on living well. Sarah—along with her boyfriend and their four furbabies—focuses on finding simple pleasures to make every day a little more special. She considers herself equal parts feminist and princess and often dreams about running off to the French countryside. To learn more about her approach to living well, visit

Savannah Hinterbrandner

Savannah Hinterbrandner is a Lakehead University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in English, and a certified nutrition practitioner (CNP). She is also a writer, recipe developer, content creator and healthy lifestyle blogger. She is the founder of the website titled, Her Everyday Life. Here, she shares recipes, natural beauty tips, wellness based personal stories, travel guides, and all things related to a balanced lifestyle.

S. Creastam

S. Creastam wields curiosity to express creative works. These works usually come in the form of articles, poems, or stories. She dreams up concepts that relay the uncertainties of life, and the possibilities behind them.

Sofia Abrantes

Sofia is a 20 year old Portuguese student of life, stretching herself thin between university in the Netherlands, writing, traveling, sports, and watching Netflix when she really should be working. To compensate for this she makes sure to eat lots of doughnuts. She believes in understanding and interpreting raw thoughts and feelings and following her instinct thoroughly, and would like to encourage you to do the same.'

Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith is Australian based fashion, beauty and style blogger. She is also very passionate about organic beauty products and well-being. Sophia writes in mostly beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at High Style Life on topics related to beauty, fashion and lifestyle.'

Stephanie de Geus

Stéphanie de Geus is a copywriter, content manager & VA who loves to help people get organised and rock at their job. She loves planning, has every colour highlighter you can imagine and enough sticky notes to last two lifetimes. She blogs about getting yourself organised and creating great content for your blog.'

Tess Brigham

Therapist and Life Coach

Tess Brigham is a therapist and coach who specializes in working with twenty-somethings, especially those that are struggling with the dreaded “quarter-life crisis.” When she is not working, she is usually trying to catch up with her 8-year-old son Max and her (almost) 11-year-old pug Rocco.

Tess Peuker

Tess is a lifestyle & music blogger at The Lyrics To Life. She's kinda obsessed with the internet, boy bands and traveling the world. She was born and raised in Denmark and studies Performance Design and Communication in university.


Tiffany is a Director of Digital for a top Global PR agency. She was born and raised in LA, is a USC Trojan and has worked for top brands including Nike, Warner Bros., NBCUniversal and EA. She loves sharing life and style, productivity and career tips with other girlboss career professionals on her blog and social channels.


Valerie is from the Netherlands and she is currently in her last year of university studying Communication and Multimedia Design. She has a passion for photography and she loves to capture all the random things that she likes and things that inspire her and talk about it on her blog Valerie Randomness.