Personal Growth

Be Willing to Say Yes

As a person who has moved three times in the past three years, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to find community in new places. Honestly, it’s hard to find community at all as an adult. High school gave us automatic community, with some frie... Read More

How To Live A Positive Life

Being positive is a mindset and lifestyle. It’s something in life you get to choose. With life, there comes the ups and downs and sometimes the last thing we want to be is positive. I’ll start this out by saying it’s healthy and normal to feel sadnes... Read More

Why You Should Embrace Your Crazy

As a woman, being called “crazy” is something that can happen quite often. And more times than not, I’ve taken being called “crazy” in a derogatory way. But who can blame me? Being called “crazy” doesn’t hold the same tone of being called “beautif... Read More

Learning To Love Bad Luck

When I think about “luck," a few things come to mind.  I think of the lottery, and bingo – both of which I never won as a kid.  I think of chance.  I think of the odds magically working in your favor, and hitting the jackpot when you least expected i... Read More

How To Discover Your Passion

I’m just a girl, in her mid-twenties, who is passionate about living a holistically healthy life. I am passionate about eating well, exercising and caring for myself. I am passionate about inspiring women to put their health first. I am passionate ab... Read More